Transformers are alive and well, if the sheer volume of items I procured between now and last issue are any indication. In addition to myriad comics, I have a bunch of new Prime toys as well as the Season One Prime soundtrack and the Season One Blu-ray set. Then there’s the knock-off toys of the Stunticons and the Headmaster Weirdwolf as well as the reissue of Twincast. There was so much stuff, in fact, that I decided to devote my efforts this issue to reviewing most of it! I hope you enjoy a look at all this new content.
    Coming later in the summer...the full-on return of the Generation One comic (with issue #80.5 having debuted earlier this month as a Free Comic Book Day exclusive). Also, Fall of Cybertron is coming out in August–a continuation of the fine series started with War for Cybertron a few years back (at some point later this year we will also get the Transformers Prime game on the Nintendo platforms as well). Both TFCon and the first ever Savcon are coming as well (then later Auto Assembly and Cybcon too).
    It’s a great time to be a fan! Now, without further adieu, on with the show...

Til All Are One!


Transmasters Magazine. Issue #14, SPRING 2012

REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part one)
REVIEW: Transformers Prime: Season One Soundtrack

REVIEW: Recent KO toys!
REVIEW: Transformers Prime: Season One BD
REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part two)
FICTION:  Star Saber: The Origin (by Todd Matthy)
REVIEW: Transformers Prime: Season Two Episodes
REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part three)
REVIEW: How-to Draw Transformers Prime
PROFILE: Brainwave (by Jay Gutzman)
(by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Bugg (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Burden (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Cammy (by Jay Gutzman)
      Comic Round-up

Unless noted, this issue was produced by Tony "Thunder" Klepack. Contributions for future issues are welcome and encouraged!

(Some stock graphics were designed by Peter Phelps. Thanks to him for his many efforts).

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