Transformers Prime
Season One soundtrack

Composer:  Brian Tyler
Price:  $14.92 USd, $18.94 Cdn. (CD on and .ca respectively);
$11.99 USD (iTunes--both US and Canada) and $9.98 USd ( Only available to US) (download)
Formats:  CD, download
Available:  Now

Comments:  The first official release of the Transformers Prime themes and episode music from Season One (not counting the short-lived free release Tyler did on his website, which was up for about two days before being yanked down).  Each track is fairly short (the longest is 5:02). I also noticed some of the typos are still present on this release--one track is called "RC on the move" (it should be "Arcee" obviously). Another track is "Autobot Stratagum" (instead of "Stratagem"). The music is fairly good for what it is and fits with the series quite well. If I have one complaint, it's that due to the nature of the show, we get a repise of the main "Prime" theme frequently throughout the tracks (which works fine in the actual show but not as good when you're listening to the music itself as an audio experience). It becomes a bit repetitive when you've listened to the soundtrack several times.

Verdict:  Very good. A must for hardcore Transformers fans and/or those that love instrumental music. A decent-to-good audio experience on its own.