Headmasters Weirdwolf

$70 CDN. (prices may vary)
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I found this at a convention (Calgary Expo) and was both surprised and delighted to discover its existence. An unofficial replica of the classic Generation One toy, Weirdwolf is a fairly faithful reproduction. I actually had an original one at one point and the plastic on this release feels as thick as the original. The joints are ratcheted (also a good thing) and the weapons are also sturdy in their composition. The Headmaster partner, Monzo, had a bit of trouble staying inside his socket atop Weirdwolf's head at first. However, I remember one of my original HM toys (original Weirdwolf?) also had this problem and it seemed to get better over time once the figure gets played with a little bit.
   I do hope the KO company redoes all the classic Headmasters and Targetmasters--I'd love to get the ones I missed out on!

Verdict:  Excellent. Quite faithful to the original.


Stunticons set.

$85 Cdn. (goes from anywhere from $85- 110 online, depending on the dealer.)
Available now (sites such as iOffer.com have sellers with this item)

Long time readers know I had previously purchased the Protectrobots set some time back and I'd been considering this set as well (one website I was going to get it from kept upping his price on it so I held off. A good thing as it turns out! :)  Made by the same company that has done other combiner sets, the Stunticons are pretty faithful to the original toys. I would actually say this set is slightly better then the Protectrobots as none of the toys looked roughly finished or made out of lighter plastic. Interestingly enough, though, I ended up with duplicate guns for two of the characters (Drag Strip and Breakdown. But better too many than too few! One of my Dinobots KOs was missing a weapon by comparison). I also noticed Drag Strip's chest engine piece is very floppy (it won't stay up very well right out of the box. Not a sign of great quality there. Conversely, Hasbro has quality control issues at times too so nobody's perfect). Motormaster, by contrast, is very tight and was a bit of a pain to change between forms (but that will likely change over time when he gets moved enough).

Verdict:  Excellent. Despite the aforementioned minor issues, a pretty good replication of the originals and a worthy addition to the collection.