Transformers Prime: Season One

Price: $22 DVD/$40 Blu-Ray
Publisher: Shout Factory
Available:  Now

At long last, the entire first season of Transformers Prime is available for home release! I picked up the Blu-ray set and was not disappointed. The resolution is incredible and crisp (a joy to watch after so many terrible internet versions I've watched). Of course the image is HD and widescreen which makes quite a difference over older series. The Blu-ray version comes with a bonus Prime comic (which, unfortunately, I already bought some time ago when it came out the first time. But I guess it's good for those who missed it).

Verdict:  Excellent. Whether the Blu-ray or the DVD version, a must buy for fans!

Technical Details

- Making of Special
- Audio Commentaries
- Toy Featurette
- Season two sneak peek
- Widescreen, High Definition (Blu-ray version)
- 5.1 Surround Sound