Transmasters Magazine. Issue #9, WINTER 2011


    It’s been cold and snowy of late but that’s only intensified the Transformers excitement! New pictures from the third movie toy line have surfaced online as have pictures of the Prime toys (Arcee is a clear winner). Prime itself has begun its regular run of episodes, work continues on the sequel to the War For Cybertron and everyone’s gearing up for the summer and the debut of Michael Bay’s Dark Of The Moon motion picture.
    In the comics world, zombies have overtaken the Transformers in IDW (I know, you’re thinking “what the heck?”) and soon Galvatron and his evil machinations will finally be followed up on in Heart of Darkness (which is great because I found that plot much more interesting then what we’ve been getting of late).
    Add to all of that, Hasbro keeps up the deluge of G1 goodness with many new Generations toys finally hitting the shelves, such as Wreck Gar, Jazz, Kup, G2 Laser Prime and many more.
    This issue sees the long awaited War For Cybertron review as well as an article on TF: Prime and a look at the MGT-01 Delicate Warrior Arcee toy (which is awesome!)
    I hope you enjoy this latest issue. Comments are always welcome, be they praise, criticism or just general questions. Contributions are also welcome!

Til All Are One!


REVIEW: Recent TF toys!
COMIC: Me and Vegatron
ARTICLE: Transformers Prime
REVIEW: War For Cybertron
ARTICLE: The Many Faces of Megatron
REVIEW: MGT-01 Delicate Warrior
COMIC: Opening Shots, part two
Comic Round-up
BLOG: WFC Thoughts (By Zavian Sildra)
PREVIEW: I am called Kasmun (by Johan "Backbreaker" Piest)

Unless noted, this issue was produced by Tony "Thunder" Klepack. Contributions for future issues are welcome and encouraged!

(Some stock graphics were designed by Peter Phelps. Thanks to him for his many efforts).

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