The Many Faces of Megatron

Megatron has been the chief bad guy since Day One of Generation One. No other baddie has consistently been the character the Autobots must defeat time and again--and the one fans seem to love when he comes back for more.
     Megatron is more then just an evil warlord bent on galactic domination however. He is also the one Transformer with the most forms in existence. More so then even Optimus Prime, Megatron keeps going back to the drawing board time and again, hoping to find the most powerful mode in which to best rule the weak. Megatron has been a handgun, a tank, a stealth bomber, a car, a spacecraft, a multi-changer, a hover tank, a crocidile, a tyrannosaurus, a dragon, a floating head, field artillery (Hearts of Steel), a helicopter and even a shoe!

The Gun.

The classic Megatron. A couple of recent incarnations have revisited the idea (with orange tip to satisfy the newer toy laws in the U.S.).

Tanks for the memories!

Jets, Planes and Fighters

Super and Ultra Megatron from Battlestars  (Super has a fusion cannon and Ultra has the missile launcher)

Fast and Furious (cars, road vehicles)



Without equal...

Hearts of Steel sketch concept for Megatron as a cannon (he was never in the story, of course).
Design and art by Guido Guidi.

"Who throws a shoe?!"


I've always been a fan of G2 Megatron. I also like Classics Megatron because it seems like an appropriate update on the original design... Animated Megatron (in the earth mode pictured above) is also a favorite. I'd have to say my least favorite is the movie-verse designs... they just don't evoke the imagination really. I also think the Megabolt Megatron toy is a bit stupid too (maybe if iit had been bigger and also had the jet mode seen in the show I would've liked it more).

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