MGT-01 Delicate Warrior

Release: October 2010
Price: $110 USD as of this writing (was originally $98 USD)
Available from exclusively

The second entry into the fan made custom Arcee toys, MGT-01 Arcee is a much better toy then its predecessor, the TRNS-01 Valkyrie released earlier this year. On the down side, this toy is more money but it is also a far better collectible then the other one too.

  MGT-01 is thicker plastic then TRNS-01 Arcee. This difference alone makes it better. While the older toy is made of what feels like thin and easily breakable plastic, the MGT-01 even feels more durable. You don't have to worry it might break if you so much as drop it. Also, MGT-01 is a bit bigger then the TRNS-01.

MGT-01 has about equal poseability with TRNS-01. However, the figure comes with a flexible display stand that allows even more unusual poses as well as allows you to display Arcee as a statue style figurine if you prefer. Also, this toy can stand on its own (unlike the TRNS-01 which usually needs something to support it). Another simple but cool feature that attracted me to this toy was Arcee's big guns (compared with the other version). Frankly, she looks more bad-ass this way and I prefer that. 
MGT-01 also has a deeper pink tone (which looks much more vibrant and attractive) as well as better paint applications. Her eyes don't look terrible like my TRNS-01 (one eye has paint slopped over the actual eye and looks terrible--yes, it came this way from the factory). The sides of her head are also painted with blue highlights (instead of nothing). I would've preferred they make her face a light grey but unfortunately she also gets the white-face treatment like the other version.

Color instructions and tech spec card! Both are sweet (yeah, the computer art could be a tad better, but oh well). As mentioned before, the included display base is nice.

An expensive toy but a quality one and I would recommend it to those who want to lay down the money for it... (here's hoping Hasbro gets in the game and mass produces their own G1 style Arcee as there's clearly a market for it).

If you want to see even more pictures (and video too!), go to   (the toy can also be ordered from there).