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Transmasters Magazine. Issue #19, FALL 2013

REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part one)
REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part two)
REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part three)
PROFILE: Trans-blunders Cliffhunter (by Peter Phelps)
PROFILE: Trans-blunders Dunefoamer (by Peter Phelps)
PROFILE: Trans-blunders Maltspray (by Peter Phelps)
PROFILE: Trans-blunders Tackle (by Peter Phelps)
REVIEW: Third party toy - SXS 01 Continuously Variable
REVIEW: Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters: Rise of the Predacons
PROFILE: Double Dreadwing (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Downdraft
(by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Edger (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Eggplant-head (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Equus (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Fiks (by Jay Gutzman)
      Comic Round-up

Unless noted, this issue was produced by Tony "Thunder" Klepack. Contributions for future issues are welcome and encouraged!

(Some stock graphics were designed by Peter Phelps. Thanks to him for his many efforts). 

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