WB003 Warbot Assaulter
Producer: FansProject
Class: Voyager equivalent
Price: Varies (I paid $110 USd)
Available:  2012

Front of box
Back of box, Side 1, Side 2

Instruction booklet, Instructions
Comic Scan 1, 2, 3

Robot form
"Secret" Robot form

Robot form w/weapons: Pic 1, Pic 2

Aircraft carrier (side)
Aircraft carrier (front): Pic 1, Pic 2
Aircraft carrier (rear)
Jet Fighter (side), Pic 2
Jet Fighter (front): Pic 1, Pic 2
Jet Fighter (rear)
Landing Gear, Pic 2

Wreck and rule!
Triple-changing fightin' machines!

The first thing I noticed about this toy is how heavy he is. He apparently has some diecast metal in him (although it's not immediately obvious other then the weight). This is toy is "not-Broadside" and he is pretty faithful to the original G1 character (but just different enough, like his counterpart, Warbot Defender, aka "not-Springer"). His robot mode is pretty cool looking, although his feet design are a bit iffy, imo (he also has another robot mode--a "secret mode" as it's described in the instructions. This mode actually stands a little bit better and the duality of this design might contribute to the foot issue in the regular robot form).
   I'm not sure what the deal with the "secret mode" is. Is he a double-agent? Or is one form like his battle form? The comic doesn't specify (perhaps a future instalment will?) At any rate, the secret mode is created by flipping up the regular head (a callback to year one of "Beast Wars"?), rotating the cockpit (a la Man-E-Faces) and switching the legs around.
   The aircraft carrier mode is reminiscent of something like Macross--and I like that. It's Japanese looking and way cooler then a regular old aircraft carrier... why did they chose this aesthetic? Was it a conscious design choice or just easier to do? The jet fighter mode is also cool looking and distinctive. I think between the two I had more trouble converting the toy to jet form though. Two arm tabs don't lock together that well for the jet (at least on my copy of the toy anyway. I did try very hard to get it to work and it just won't go) and the arms are a little bit hard to position "just right" to get him to form properly. I may have stressed the toy's plastic a bit trying to get him to fit together right. The end result is totally worth it though.
   The toy, like its counterpart (Defender), comes with a booklet that is both a comic continuing the Warbots saga (apparently "Steel Core", who I don't have, and WB-004 are like Brainmasters) and instructions in the back. The instructions are fairly good--assuming you're smart enough to be able to follow them (unlike a certain reviewer...cough, cough).

Verdict:  Excellent. Does have a few tolerance issues when transforming though...be careful and patient if you purchase one and open it.


Mania King
Producer: Unique Toys
Class: Voyager equivalent
Price: $90-$115 USd (varies by dealer)
Available:  Now

Front of box Side of box, Other side, Top Instruction sheet
Profile Card: Front, Back

Toy inside box Robot mode Robot mode w/weapon, alternate arm
Cannon mode (side) Cannon mode (front), Pic 2
Galvatron w/friends
Behold: Galvatron!

Mania King is a very impressive looking not-Galvatron. In robot mode he stands firm and looks like a nearly perfect embodiment of G1 Galvatron. His alternate form is the classic cannon mode of Galvatron--no tanks, planes or other nonsense. In robot mode he's fairly poseable--his head is even able to swivel about nicely. I do think his arms could be a little bit better though: they should be able to fold upward a bit more at the elbow and I think the design is a bit off there. His arm gun can go on either arm although it could've had a bit more orange on it, in my estimation.
    In cannon mode, his barrel base was a bit tricky to get to fit together. It has little adjustable plastic tabs that clip together but combined with his arm gun they don't always lock tightly together. It's decent but the tolerances could be slightly better (also, the tabs on his arm cannon don't fit as well as they could into the tabs they're made for in this form). The instructions are decent but not completely clear on how his arms go together in cannon form--I think I got it about right. Also, the instructions were a bit vague on just how his head folds in too (the more pictures, the better, imo).
    So, is he worth it? I would say so, yes. Be aware he has a few minor flaws but if you love some G1 Galvatron and want an excellent display piece, this is your guy.

Verdict:  Excellent.