Warbot Defender

Released: Spring 2010

Available from online retailers like BBTS
$90 USd (as of this writing, at www.bbts.com).

Comments:  Warbot Defender, aka "Not-Springer", is a well designed if hard to transform toy. Clearly he is intended to be a modern iteration of the Springer character (although Fansproject does a better job concealing this fact then MMC did with Knight Morpher Commander). The toy has two hand guns which can be holstered inside the robot's legs (or added to its vehicle modes) as well as a sword/rotor, like Springer had.

The toy was an experience to try and convert between forms. I could not do it alone and the instructions didn't quite help out enough either (my big problem was getting its hands to fold up the right way). I found a website with better pictures of the partially transformed toy and used that to aid me in my quest.

An excellent toy all around and well designed. Even the packaging is well thought-out, with a plastic shell that keeps the box from getting immediate damage. The instructions are toy photos (see below) and half of the booklet is also a comic to chronicle this character's adventures. The comic seems to imply we will get an "evil" recolor of this mold at some point.

The toy comes with a book that is part comic and part instructions...

The intructions are fairly detailed but even with their assistance I couldn't transform the toy correctly....

The Comic...

This came on a promo card for the toy (I got mine from BBTS when I ordered something).  It appears to be an epilogue to the comic above.

(The above comic images are Copyright Fansproject, 2010. Used without permission for informational purposes only).