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    Looking back on the early history of the Transformers it’s interesting to see the design choices made when they first launched the line. Certain toys were chosen from the Diaclone and Microchange lines. For example, the Walther P-38 would become the evil leader Megatron, while the revolver toy was ignored all together. The truck who become Optimus Prime had an optional armor version (Powered Convoy) but was released as the standard version.

    If the powers that be at Hasbro had decided differently, the Transformers could’ve been a much different (if familiar) line. Would it have fared differently with a blue Optimus Prime? A white one? What if the Revolver had been the bad guy leader? What if the jet mold had been instead?
    Does the color of the toy really matter ultimately? Do certain colors have more marketing appeal to the general public then others? (I’ve heard it said people like signs with red lettering on them and are more likely to buy stuff when it has that). Clearly companies like Pepsi seem to think so (they have a patent on their particular shade of blue in some countries). Hopefully, it was the characters personalities and their stories that got people engaged all those years ago–but I bet somebody somewhere deliberately chose the colors they did.
    I remember as a kid noticing how colorful the Transformers all were–they had a red and black cassette and a blue one too! TFTM’s colorfulness was one of its cooler things to the ten year old me. In more recent years, the Michael Bay movies seemed to throw out the palette entirely, choosing grey/steel and drab tones over the rainbow of G1 (likely trying to make it seem more “real” and gritty then kiddie). I also found the toys boring and generic looking because of this trend.
    Of course, as an adult I don’t care about colors so much anymore. I have more important concerns such as characterization and stories. (Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go look at my red MP Sideswipe and compare it with my yellow one. :)

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Transmasters Magazine. Issue #18, SPRING/SUMMER 2013

REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part one)
  PROFILE: Cart Trail (by Peter Phelps)

REVIEW: Recent TF toys (part two)
PROFILE: Violet (by Peter Phelps)
COMIC: Transformers Legion, part four (by Johan Piest)
REVIEW: Transformers Prime: Season Three Episodes
COMIC: Transformers Animated: Predicaments (by Peter Phelps)
PROFILE: Defcon (by Jay Gutzman)
(by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Horsepower (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Luminas (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Mother Khai (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Narcissa (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Parasitron (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: S-Blade (by Jay Gutzman)
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