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The intent of's information is to try and provide a "Transformers 101" style lesson for the newcomer and/or a quick reference for general TF information. Of course this is a big world and there is much, much more out there. For those that want to learn more, we have presented here a few links to help you out in your quest for knowledge.  - Originally starting on Wikipedia before migrating to its own server, TFWiki is the definitive and most up to-date site out there for all things Transformers! - An excellent website to find any and all TF toys ever released worldwide! - Ben's World of Transformers. Another good TF website by Ben Yee (uber fan and story consultant on Beast Wars). Full of reviews and other great content!

TF-1 - This website has plenty of information on pre-Transformers as well as foreign releases too.

TF - An excellent UK site with comic reviews and a lot of useful information. - Hasbro's official website! - IDW Publishing's official website!

Know another great TF information site and wants to submit a link? Please email tkphoton at and we'll promptly do that.