TransMasters Mission Statement

       It is the purpose of the TransMasters fan club to help further the Hasbro Transformers through education, discussion, debate, art, comics, fanzines, fanfics, newsletters, and other media. All productions and creations by our members add to the mythos that is Generation One, Generation Two, Beast Wars, Machine Wars, Beast Machines, Robots In Disguise, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, Universe, Alternators, Go Bots, Victory, Master Force, Micro Zone, and all future generations of Transformers.

       The club is about the passion we share for our favorite robots in disguise. All use of the Transformers by the membership is entirely regulated by the non profit agreement with Hasbro and Hasbro retains all rights. Please do not add your own copyright notice since anything related to the Transformers belongs exclusively to Hasbro, where they have full Copyright, Trademark and Patent protections.

       We should encourage the members to submit material for the mutual enjoyment of the club. Always be aware that there is only one true constant: change. For some reason we G1 fans have a way of resisting all the alterations to our favorite characters, but should they not evolve? Just so, the club will endure to evolve with each new generation of Transformers, yep Go Bots too. Do not forget that Hasbro will strive to continue to build characters around new Takara Tomy Transformers. Also, the only way Hasbro will consider bringing toys to the US that were only released in the UK or Japan is if a loud enough fan community let them know we want them. The TransMasters, should it grow large enough, has a voice and it should be our responsibility to use it through letter writing campaigns, etc.

       At the end of the day the club should be about fun and the good memories forged around the characters and stories we share. Perhaps Earth is not perfect and may never be. For many of us Cybertron is our escape, or distraction, from the mundane. It is fun to imagine that Ford Mustang in the next lane could probably shift into a giant robot and smash that rude Pinto driver's car to bits. The drawback might be one horrendous pile-up on the freeway that evening.

       Our mission then is to share with each other our love, or obsession, of the Transformers and pray to Primus that someday the rest of the universe (or at least other humans) will understand us. (I get the funniest glances when you exclaim "Bah wheep granab wheep nini bon" to someone who has not seen the movie.)

The Transformers and all official characters are Trademark Hasbro Inc. Copyright 2009 Hasbro/Takara Tomy, all rights reserved under non profit agreement. Member characters and submissions are the property of said members where they do not infringe upon other rights held by Hasbro/Takara Tomy. All submissions are used with permission of their creators and may be subject to removal upon their request.

The TransMasters are a Transformers fan club and no intention to infringe on rights of any parties. If you believe that you have a problem with any of the content please contact me immediately:  [Email].
Last updated: 10/11/09.