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TransMasters Member Pages

Talon Spirit Cat's CyberLair
Karmic Thunder's site
Just Another Good Production--Joe Eibe's Page
Femmes Unite!
Pierre-Pedro's unofficial TF site, yea I need to update this.

Former Member Pages Tim Finn's web site (he used to do the Trans-Spoof fanzine).

International TransMaster Pages

The Hub Main TransMasters UK site for medias, forums, etc.
Globequake Part of the Hub, stories by Graham Thomson.
TMUK Yahoo Groups site
The Last Odyssey
The Underbase --site to find info on writing in UK continutity.
There Must Be A Cure For It --Martin McVay's web page.
Transformers "at" the Moon
Transformers Galaxy TransMasters Universe
Cybertron Undernet

War Log-A Transformers Comic
Talon's Web Page
Thunder's Web Page
Ozformers Transformers Resource Guide
TransMasters Netherlands

Other Clubs

The Nordic Transfans Association
The Official Transformers Club
Japanese Transformers Club
Austrailia's Transfan Community

Forums --Done by former TransMaster Ryan Yzquierdo of TransForum International
Transfandom Used to have DW related contests
The Allspark some features are members only
Cosmic Rust
TFW2005 Boards good site for TF related music, etc
Transfans art, etc.
TFans One stop shop for TF stuff, light on content
Don Murphy's forum where you can voice your oppinions on the new Movie.


Hasbro's Transformers Web page
Metrodome's Takara DVD web site, they are subtitling Japanese series.
IDW Publishing the new comic licensee's web page
TransFormers Movie Live Dreamworks' page for new movie.
BotCon The best Transformers Convention put on by the same guys as the official club.
Repro Labels Reproduction Transformer stickers
Trans Repo Reproduction Transformers parts and accessories
Lexicon The best collection of Fanfics based on Transformers.
TFU best place for TF toy pics by series
Transformers Archive
TF Racetrack --Instruction Book Scans
TF Racetrack RID Instruction Book Scans
Botch's Transformer Box Art Scans
Rework's Parts Identification Page
Trans-Lations some Japanese techspech translations
Happy Well Enterprises International Limited A place to find TF like toys, not quite knockoffs.
TF Auctions A place besides eBay to sell your toys.
Cardboard Cutouts A UK company selling OP and Megatron peoplesized cutouts.
Soundwave's Oblivion TF Archive
Transtopia A kitbasher's wet dream and resource guide
Transformers Online Encyclopedia
TransFormers the Movie An unofficial guide to the original movie.
TF artwork
TF MP3 Sound Archive
Transformers Generation Dumb A parody using Alternator/Binaltech toys.
NYC Gothic Cybertron --Some kind of concert/meetup thing in New York City
Cyber Fembots -A.R.C. Arcee from movie toys
TF Games use emulators to play classic Nintendo style games
Homepage of Guidi Guido Transformer comics Artist
UK Exclusive Transformers
Prime Saber's Japanese Transformers ID Page
Marks Projects one first to make 20th anOP trailer, lots of costumes
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