I am called Kasmun.
Story: Backbreaker



I am called Kasmun.


I used to be the 48 year old human being designated as Larry Moore.

In the years following a Transformers attack on neighbour Big Steve’s garage, where my shop also got destroyed - but hey, I didn’t get any restitution.


“Bloody government lackies!”

Oh, please excuse that outcry, residual memories seem to be coming out of nowhere...where was I ? Oh yeah.


So, after a while my wife left, and as a result, I befriended the bottle. It didn’t take long before depression levels got so high that I decided to end it.


All alone in my basement, testament written, ready for the final act.


But then a miracle happened. A miracle called Ratbat.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in my basement! And then he spoke.

He offered me immortality, promising the world and most importantly, a new chance at life. I will be honest, I was suspicious. I mean, really who wouldn’t be ?


Now, deep within the Decepticon base somewhere in the United States of America, Ratbat has made sure this old, frail, even abused vessel got young again! Physically speaking I am now 18 without the insecurities teens usually have.


Furthermore Ratbat says I’m almost ready for the next step: upgrading my inferior mind to shape me for the task I’ll be fullfilling within Decepticon hierarchy. He is however very abrupt in his replies, it seems the Autobots are trying to infiltrate the facility and he is busy barking orders at Soundwave.


The future certainly looks bright.


I am called Kasmun.

Soon to be the Decepticon Ambassador for Earth.



Kasmun’s story continues in warlog weekly starting April 1, 2011