Shattered Glass

Available: From The Official Transformers Fan Club store (
Price: $44 USd Member/$84 USd Non-member (appears to be sold out as of this writing).
Released: July 2010
(BBTS also has this toy in stock for $75 USd. ( )

Comments:  This is basically the Universe Cyclonus toy released in a new color scheme where he's red and orange (instead of purple and grey). The toy is an interesting divergence from the typical Cyclonus character and would better make a good new character (as opposed to an alternate universe good guy) that shares the same design as Galvatron's lieutenant. Beyond being a very good mold there really is nothing remarkable about SG Cyclonus specifically. The club version has no extra features, remolds, etc to speak of. There is also no extra comic or anything included either. Still, nice for what is is...