Knight Morpher Commander

Released: Spring 2010
Mastermind Creations

Available from online retailers like BBTS
$85 USD (as of this writing, at

Comments: I don't think there's any point in pretending this character isn't Optimus Prime from the IDW Hearts of Steel mini-series from a few years back. (Obviously for legal reasons he isn't called that).
   The toy is fairly simple to transform--I did the majority of it without consulting the instructions. I did find unfolding the arms to be a bit difficult (it's not as intuitive as it should be) and consulted the instructions for that. The train mode is actually two parts--it splits in two with the front half becoming the Optimus Prime toy and the back being a "trailer" of sorts. One minor complaint I have is that the arms can't fold down straight completely--they have a bit of a permanent angle to them. Not a big deal really but it could've been done better so that they did (or perhaps the designer(s) figured that would make them too loose ultimately?)
  The trailer opens up and reveals a cannon for Optimus to use. The cannon can also break apart to form accessories for the figure. The cannon is the pieces of Prime' s sword in this mode and also two booster rockets for his back. A small steam pipe atop the train becomes his rifle (you have to flip out the front bit of though--which was also not as obvious as it could've been).
  The figure stands about equal height with Classics Optimus Prime and looks pretty good overall. He has lightpipe eyes (always a plus) and there is also a little visor thingy you can put on his head (I left mine off though). The visor is easy to lose due to its size and apparently doesn't stay on so well (the MMC website has instructions on how to fix it--but it's too much work for me to bother with. Also, if one isn't careful they might damage the toy irreparably performing the fix).  
    For an unofficial toy (or adult collectible/whatever) this is pretty good overall. The design was well thought out and efficient. The engineering and molding are also excellent. Is it worth the price? That's a bit debatable. $85 for a deluxe sized toy is expensive (but given the small production run it likely couldn't have been any cheaper). Should you buy it? If you can afford it and love Prime, then yes.