Like several other companies, Oscar Mayer is capitolizing on the new TF Movie. Some of this stuff is cool, some of it is just OK. I was surprised to see that not all of the Stackers had the toys with them, but the card game is alright. Out of the six toys available I was able to get 4:

For the sake of saving a bit of space, I will print out the instructions for the card game and just an image of the Strength and Defense symbols. All that's on the back of the cards are Autobot/Decepticon symbols with the words of the factions below them.


1. Punch out panel, then use scissors to seperate cards.
2. To battle, players show their top card face up at the same time.
3. Add up the strength and defense scores to see who wins. That player gets both cards.
4. If you get a tie, flip cards over and find the number "disguised" on the back to see who wins. That player gets both cards. [Didn't at first see that there is this quirk of the game, so here's the basic layout: Optimus - 3, Ironhide-2, Bumblebee-3, Megatron-1, Blackout-2, Barracade-1. Seems the 'cons are weak.]
5. Keep going until one player is out of cards!

The Maxed Out combo is probably my least favorite of these. It basically is just the food with more candy and pics on the box. If you are over 13, forget even trying to get the poster.

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