E.A.V.I. Citizen Stack
Producer: Keith's Fantasy Club
Class: Leader equivalent
Price: $150 - $200 USd
Available:  2014

Front of box
Back of box

Top of box
Bottom box text
Toy in interior plastic shell packaging 1, 2
Comic: Front cover, Back cover, Interior #1, Interior #2
File Card: Front, Back
Robot mode  1, 2, 3, 4
Robot mode w/weapon, head shot
Vehicle:  Side, front, top, back

Ultra Magnusi
80s Reunion!

Citizen Stack is basically a third party Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. My particular toy is part of the second run and apparently corrects some issues from the initial run (although I'm not really certain what they were). Anyway, this has to be the easiest third party toy to transform that I own. The transformation is quite intuitive and I didn't need to refer to the instructions once. The joints and head are solid (the shoulder missiles seem a bit loose. The right one especially likes to come out if you're not careful). The mid-section of the toy is where he joins together and it could be a bit twitchy (in that, you have to make certain it's locked down right to keep him from flopping forward at the waist). To be honest, I think one improvement would've been to light pipe the eyes (although he's fine even without it). I also think the toy would've been better with actual firing missiles instead of static decorative ones. His fingers are all articulated so you can have Stack give other toys the finger or point at them if you like. :) Also, the cab part of the truck just folds into the chest and isn't a separate robot (I don't mind that on him. I do hope the official Takara toy follows the G1 toy that way though).
   The toy come with a comic/instructions sheet. The instructions occupy one whole page of the comic. But, like I said, he's very intuitive to change between forms so it really doesn't matter). The comic is competently drawn but badly written (the comic story is titled, "I can deal with that now". I wish I was kidding about that). There's also a line where Stack calls after the bad guys, "I thought you were made of sterner stuff" and one replies, "all you leader types love that line". The enemies were the KFC Sky Byte clones and their prisoners other KFC toys.

Verdict:  Excellent. A must buy for Ultra Magnus fans and/or third party TF connoisseur.