Within the maze of caverns cut from the subterranean stone of Solar Wind Planet the escaped Decepticons made their way toward the Phoenix chamber. They utilized as much silence and stealth as the group was capable. Silencia was their point scout since she had the greatest stealth capabilities, being nearly silent and invisible even in light.

        Feonax called for a halt. “We wait here until Tailflight’s group blows the Energon stockpiles, then we strike,” she explained. Feonax was not pleased by her current situation. She would have preferred to have led the others to escape, but she had made a deal with Sideways. She was honorable, if nothing else. She hoped Tailflight stuck to her orders, it would be suicidal to destroy all of the Energon since it was their only fuel supply on this swiss-rock world.

        Without water, the planet’s natural tunnels were formed by tectonic and volcanic actions. Then the Omnicons arrived to forge an alliance with the native populace. The Omnicons drilled large connecting tunnels that allowed previously segregated Tektronians to form a planet-wide society.

        “Tailflight should have reached his goal by now,” Jetison commented. He was a tall slender robot whose appearance gave hints of nobility unearned even in the shadows of the tunnel. Too bad for him, Feonax knew him from before this new body upgrade. “Something is wrong,” he commented.

        “Jetison shut up and stay calm. It is very unlikely that the Autobots sent enough force here to recapture us. Right now we need a distraction so we can try to get our weapons back and learn why they sent the Autobots here. Then we can perhaps get off this baked potato of a penal planet,” Feonax ordered.

        They waited in silence while Feonax checked to see how many of them looked nervous. They had been kept prisoners here for various amounts of time. The most feral of them were fighting their natures just to stay still and if they even thought for a moment they had a chance against her, they would have attacked already. That doesn’t mean that should they organize to gang up on her that she’d be able to take them all on. That’s why she had been sure to form relationships with the most powerful behind those Energon bars.

        The ground shook violently, which caused the tunnel to fill with dust and debris. “Now,” Feonax barked before she transformed into her dual-headed feathered dragon mode and rushed through the tunnel as fast as her wings could carry her. The other Decepticons quickly followed with their urgent battle cry.

        They struck with a precision borne from Silenceia’s scouting runs. The East tunnel was the least guarded with only a few Omnicons and two Autobots there to defend it. They were already in a state of confused panic over reports of the stockpile explosion and were either damaged or pushed aside by the force of the Decepticons. The other Autobots were also stunned by the suddenness of the attack, but they were unable to fire because the Tektronians were assembled within the firing line.

        Feonax captured one of the Omnicons and kept him alive for future interrogation. She let the others vent their built-up frustrations and anger on the Autobots before she ordered a retreat. Feonax was surprised when the Tektronians began to fight back against their assailants. Two Decepticons were pierced by sharp spikes from Diamond-based natives able to reshape their arms into damaging weapons. As more of these began to emerge into the front battle line, Feonax roared her retreat order with more urgency. The Decepticons fled quickly with their weapons and with their Omnicon captive.


        Pierrimus rushed as quickly as his legs would carry him through the rough tunnels, he was too big in stealth fighter mode to fly down there. The other Autobots with him were trying to keep up. “What’s the big rush, bossbot?” Sliver asked as she ran beside him.

        “That explosion could only have been the Energon stockpile. It’s a diversion to put us off from the real objective. I used to be involved with Feonax, she’s leading them. It is what I would do, going after the weapons, that is,” Pierrimus explained quickly.

        “Damn, then they have probably already attacked the Phoenix chamber. Their weapons were stored in a metal vault behind the Phoenix statue at the rear of the chamber. We wanted to melt them down, but we were ordered to keep them and use them against the Decepticons if it ever came to that,” Strike sadly stated.

        They turned a bend in the tunnel to find the Omnicon to be correct in his evaluation of the situation. The occupants were very animated within the Phoenix chamber. They let Pierrimus’ group through. There were five damaged Omnicons and two Autobots tore apart on the ground. Four Tektronians were damaged along with Jade. Fixiana was doing her best to try to save the Tektronian Matriarch. The most shocking discovery was that the Tektronians shared similar internal systems to Transfomers.

        Pierrimus did not have a while lot of time to contemplate the significance of this fact before several Tektronians approached him. “You come and now Jade dead because you bring evil upon us. If you don’t take care of this soon we’ll be forced to rid ourselves of the Transformer menace our way!” One of the diamond-based Tektronians threatened. Most of the other Tektronians nodded their agreement before they moved back to focus their attention upon their fallen.

        Strike looked as if someone had just stabbed him in the Energon pump. He was both saddened by the sight before him and by the rift that now would develop between the Omnicons and the Tektronians. He could tell that Fixiana was trying her utmost to save Jade’s life, but that there was little chance of that. “Pierrimus,” Strike said, “We’re missing one of the Omnicons.”

        “Strange, she wouldn’t take a prisoner unless she had some objective other than fleeing Solar Wind Planet. She would know one Omnicon is not enough to keep us from hunting her down or attacking the Decepticons. Somehow I think Sideways broke them out just to learn why we are here. She’ll torture the Omnicon for answers before she destroys him,” Pierrimus commented with a grimace. Some of the other Omnicons were staring at him with a bit of anger. They did not like to be thought of as a lower class of Transformer, but as hard working founders of the Autobot society.

        “You have such hate in your voice when you talk of Sideways. Why,” Sliver asked. She looked upset at the entire affair. The others seemed to want to know the answer to her question.

        “Back during the Armada wars I was known as Pierre-Pedro. I was an Autobot spy. I was working to provide Optimus with intelligence about the Decepticon Minicon acquisitions. If it hadn’t been for Sideways’ interference all would have gone according to plan. He is one of the worst double agents you can imagine. He had both Autobot and Decepticon personas, but in truth works only for Unicron. I was destroyed and the Decepticons rebuilt me as a Minicon. They thought they could reprogram me to be their loyal servant. For a full month their program worked and I was unable to do anything to stop Pedro from running rampant against the Autobots. I had anticipated the possibility of being found out and had kept a secret backup system within the core of my brain module. I was fully restored, but my reputation with the Autobots suffered a serious blow. I built the Ultra Pierre armor and added a third transformation to my Minicon body. It was amazing to learn where Minicon partners were allowed to wonder. Nevertheless, that is why I hate Sideways so much,” Pierrimus explained.

        “This Feonax, who is she,” Quickshot asked from where he stood. He was one of the few who took up positions near the cavern entrances in an attempt to secure a perimeter. Quickshot was either truly concerned, or he wanted to make sure this failure was placed squarely upon Pierrimus’ head.

        “Feonax was the fembot leader of the escaped Decepticons, she’s the one I spoke of before.” Pierrimus replied. He looked around the room hoping they would not ask more questions for now. There were some memories that he wished could remain buried.

        “What I think we want to know is what ‘involved with’ meant?” Strike asked. The others began to nod with agreement. They were oblivious to what Pierrimus might have been feeling at the moment. “We have a right to know,” Strike added.

        “No, you don’t. It is a long and personal story. I will tell you what you need when you need to know it. Otherwise this is between me and her. We have a job to do here and I expect you all to help locate Solar Wind Planet’s Cyber Planet Key. We’ll first ensure the safety of the Tektronians and then well begin the search in earnest. Strike, I need the Omnicons to try to repair the Energon collection systems. We may have to remain here a long time and we’ll need fuel. Relay, as soon as possible, I want you to make a run beyond Solar Wind Planet’s interference and send a message to Roddimus requesting backup to help capture our escapees. Fixiana, I want a full analysis of the Tektronian systems without evasive procedures. We want to respect their fallen and in no way do anything that might further damage them. Quickshot, you’re in charge here until I return. Keep them safe,” Pierrimus ordered.

        “Where are you going?” Sliver asked with concern.

        “I’ll be in my quarters,” Pierrimus stated flatly.


        A little orange and yellow bee flitted out of a crack between two of the jewels that lined the Pheonix chamber. He wasn’t noticed as he flew down and over an Autobot’s head into the tunnels beyond. He was almost giddy at the prospect of telling what he had learned to Feonax. He was sure she’d reward his good spy work. He circled about a few times with excitement before he transformed into his robot mode to land beside her. She had been interrogating the Omnicon and was upset that Sting would be so bold as to interrupt. This Omnicon had proved to be a bit more resilient that she had expected, he did not automatically shut down when she began to tear his extremity sensors apart. “Speak fool,” she ordered Sting.

        “The Autobots are looking for something called a Cyber Planet Key, my Mistress,” Sting stated happily. He had no clue what that was or why it was so important to the Autobots. He was surprised by her sudden angry burst of flame toward him. He barely was able to transform back to bee mode and swerve to avoid being singed.

        “This Omnicon has already told me that much! It is some kind of fragment of the power of Primus according to him. But, they have no idea where it is or what it might look like. Learn that from the Autobots and I might forgive your interruption. Now go while I see if I can extract more information from the Omnicon,” she ordered angrily. Sting barely made it away before two more streams of fire tried to scorch him.

        Silencia appeared before Feonax and made a few motions with her hands. There was a connection between the two and a message relayed. Feonax was very interested to learn that the leader of the Autobots on this planet had just left all the others to go to his quarters. “You know where his quarters are, I assume?” Feonax asked. Silencia nodded in agreement. “I’m not finished with this Omnicon just yet. Do you feel up to sneaking into his quarters and permanently removing him as an obstacle to our goals? It would demoralize his followers and cause them to be easier to pick off one at a time,” Feonax stated. Silencia nodded her agreement and left without a word. The screams of pain from the Omicon resumed to echo through the tunnel.




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