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      The screech of metal-against-metal assaulted the intruder’s audio sensors while the sparks and glow of his Energon blades are all that lit his descent through the air ventilation shaft into the depths of Solar Wind Planet. He is an agent of Chaos and he revels in this cunning means to gain entrance. He already knows exactly where he wants to go and what he is plans to do there. He fell over twelve feet, down from the ventilation shaft to the solid-rock cave floor.

       The intruder looks over the cavern tunnel with wary optics, on the alert for anyone whom might have noticed his arrival. By the readings from his sensors the cavern probably was not one of the most utilized of passages within the underground cavern network. He quickly began to compare his sensor readings to the maps of the settlement he had gleaned off Autobot computers on Cybertron. According to the files he had less than two Earth hours before the planet would turn and the ventilation shaft would be on the sun side, which would trip the temperature sensors and force him to remain on Solar Wind Planet. He stuck to the shadows while he slowly and silently began his trek toward his goal.


       Pierrimus stood in the sparse cave that would serve as his quarters for the duration of his stay upon Solar Wind Planet and he shook his head. It wasn’t bad enough that his new body screamed “Rodimus” wannabe with it’s bright yellow flame and blue highlights, but he was also saddled to lead the strangest bunch of Autobot misfits he had ever seen gathered together. He walked over to where the stone furniture sat and he picked up an Energon cube left there by Strike. He began to drink the fluid while he accessed the data archive for Solar Wind Planet.

        “Omnicons discovered Solar Wind Planet shortly after one of the longest cease-fires in Transformer history. This was supposedly reported as the only “renewable” Energon source in the galaxy. Solar Wind Planet has an eighty four day year. The Omnicons established contact with the Tektronian natives on their first dig. Shortly thereafter an alliance was formed in order for the Omnicons to gather Energon in exchange for helping to join separate Tektronian city caverns by mechanically-formed tunnels. A map of the most important settlements is attached to this file.”

       “The origin of the Tektronian populace is under debate, but the native populace holds to a belief in the Phoenix.  They hold to a single story of creation whereupon the mythical Phoenix crashed upon Solar Wind Fire after a recent rebirth within the nearby star. While here a few embers of the Phoenix’s life fire were injected into the stone of the planet. Here these embers grew into full fires, burning into the surrounding stone until the magma that surrounded these fires began to engulf them. The result was the first generation of Tektronians and ever since procreation has involved the death of one Tektronian on the surface of Solar Wind Planet so that two new ones can begin their lives. This is called the Sacrifice of the Phoenix.”

       “Due to the remoteness from other civilizations and the harsh conditions found upon the surface of Solar Wind Planet the Autobot Council of Elders decided to build a prison facility upon Solar Wind Planet. This facility currently houses twenty six extremely dangerous Decepticon prisoners. They are under constant guard and have the latest in transfixation technology to keep them locked in vehicle/beast modes. An inventory of those kept at the prison and their offenses are in a file attached at the end of this introduction file….”

      Pierrimus was interrupted by metal striking stone outside the crude steel door that served as his quarters’ door. He quickly stood to answer the door. He made a mental note to make sure he got to look over that file as soon as possible. He opened the door to find Strike standing there in his most demur stance. “It is time for the Phoenix Retirement Ceremony, sir,” Strike explained without apology to the intrusion.

      “Thank you. Please lead the way,” Pierrimus said gently to the smaller robot. After a few steps Pierrimus asked, “Do you mind that we have come to your world and are going to take over the command? If I were in your position I’d probably be a little upset.”

      “Actually, I’ve been asking for help for about a decade Cybertronian time. Several of the Omnicons have not been able to go back even for general maintenance. I see you brought with you a medic, perhaps after we’re done at the ceremony you’d allow her to check over my workers? They’re well overdue. Also, we’d like to have you check over our Prison setup and make any suggestions for improvements. We haven’t had much in upgrades for the facility since it was first built,” Strike requested.

       “I’ll send Semier to check over the Prison right after the ceremony if that’d make you feel better,” Pierrimus stated. The Omnicon seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. “You’ve been briefed about our mission here, correct? Where would you begin to look for the possible fifth Cyber Planet Key?”

      “Sir, we’ve been looking with what sensors will operate  down here and have found nothing extraordinary. I think that if this Cyber Planet Key exists on Solar Wind Planet, it is probably somewhere the Tektronians do not allow us to go or is within one of their Phoenix statues. There are nearly five hundred of these statues throughout their domain so that they can worship anywhere they go. We can’t touch those without upsetting the Tektronians.” Strike explained while he led the way through the tunnels. “Sir, the ceremony is a celebration of the change from night to that of the day. We’ll be entering a two week period where the dark side of the planet will become the day side and visa-versa. I suggest you follow me to the assigned guest section and just remain silent unless Jade decides to address a question to you. Please remember, we’re the outsiders.”

      They entered a huge underground chamber lined with crystals of various types and colors. The central focus was a big Phoenix statue carved out of a near blood-red stone that was polished such that it shone brilliantly in the firelight at its base. The Tektronian populace seemed to be concentrated within the chamber, though Strike assured Pierrimus that there were other groups elsewhere performing the same ceremony. There was the scent of smoke from the fire mingled with various odors related to the different kinds of stone the Tektronians used or were comprised of. The Tektronians watched while Strike led Pierrimus to the other Autobots and Omnicons. Pierrimus realized that the various Tektronian forms were probably just as odd to him, as the new Autobot arrivals must look to the Tektronians.

       A few seconds passed before Jade walked out from behind the large Phoenix statue. Her green emerald crystalline body was covered with more red stones that were fashioned into the semblance of feathers and she had a crown that was shaped to resemble the phoenix bird head. “Oh great Pheonix, continue to renew the seasons of light and dark. It is through you that we are blessed to exist and serve you. Let us now help you bring the change,” she uttered loudly and it echoed through the chamber. The Tektronians echoed her statement, though Strike motioned for the guests to remain silent. Then the Tektronians underwent a change of their own, they seemed to Transform into various types of stones. Jade’s body folded and shifted until she created a crude type of green crystal lens above the fire. The light from the fire was sent into fragmented beams into the stones that surrounded the chamber. The entire chamber lit up when these stones began to amplify and return the light to everyone within the chamber. Pierrimus’ optics were hard-pressed to adjust quickly enough to compensate for the sudden flare effect. Then, just as quickly the chamber became dark except for the small glow left within each of the Tektronian stones lying about on the chamber floor. The Tektronians returned to their humanoid forms and began to beam this energy back toward the large Phoenix statue. Once the only light left within the chamber was the now glowing Phoenix statue did Jade change back to her humanoid form. “It is done, the Phoenix is satisfied with our offering. May you all go in peace and await the Ceremony of Rebirth,” Jade declared with confidence.


        The invader watched silently from the shadows where several tunnels converged into a large unnatural cavern indicated by the tool marks and sharp edges left behind by the Omnicons that cut the rock to form it. The four that stood guard were restless while they watched and waited for anything to happen. “You hear that Optimus has sent some Autobots to help here on Solar Wind Planet?” one that looked similar to Signal Flare asked.

        “Yea, I sure hope we can get cycled out of this place soon. The grit is starting to degrade my knee bearings,” one that looked like he was identical to Strike moaned in agreement. The other two silently voiced their agreement with nods.

        The invader almost chuckled at how easy it was going to be. He took a few steps back and began to walk hard so their audio sensors would pick up his approach. He made sure that his Autobot credentials were showing on his main weapon. His black and chrome metal glinted within the dim lights surrounding the large metal vault-like door which kept the Decepticon prison sealed off from the rest of Solar Wind Planet. His optic plate glowed in greeting toward the four simple-minded Omnicons. If he had the means, Sideways would have smiled when he approached.

        “Halt! Identify yourself,” the Omnicon that was a twin of Strike declared. The four Omnicons were cautious and pointed what weapons they had at the newcomer. They seemed displeased at not having notice that someone was coming to visit.

        “Hey guys. Take it easy. I’m from the new Autobots here to Solar Wind Planet. We just arrived a few hours ago. Check my credentials, the boss bot wanted me to inspect your prison facility and make sure it’s secure,” Sideways stated. They gave him looks of disbelief. “What, you guys haven’t had a surprise inspection before?” He crept closer to the group.

        “You’ll have to come within a couple of feet for our scanners to check your credentials. Solar Wind Planet’s star plays havoc with our scanning equipment,” the Omnicon that was similar to Signal Flare explained. He then quickly scanned the Autobot symbol on Sideways’ weapon. The others were looking to him with some anxiety. A few seconds passed, “Hmm. That’s odd…”

        Sideways didn’t wait for the Omnicon to finish his sentence before he activated his Cyber Key Power to slice the Omnicon’s head from his shoulders. The others went into motion too slowly and their weapons only caused glancing damage while he cut or blasted them down in swift practiced moves. “Suckers,” he commented before he walked over their corpses to stand before the vault door’s controls. Within minutes he had the door sliding open and he made sure that it would not close by placing two of the Omnicon bodies inside the vault door groove.

        Within the prison vault door was a hallway with sides that were lit brightly with Energon bars. Sideways walked into the center of the hallway and asked, “Who leads this rabble?” He received several jeers from the prisoners since his weapon still displayed the Autobot symbol. “I am no Autobot, I am a Decepticon spying on the Autobots,” he declared before he changed the symbol. “Again, who leads this rabble?”

        A roar came from the cell at the end of the hallway. “I Feonax am in charge of the Decepticons imprisoned here. What do you want?” The being in the end cell resembled a dragon, but with feathered wings and two heads. It surprised Sideways that a fembot would be the one in charge here.

        “The Autobots have sent a force here for an unknown objective. Megatron wants you to learn what they are after and then ensure it stays out of Autobot hands. This is the price of your freedom. You will deliver the item to me once you have acquired it,” Sideways offered.

        “I will never work for that bumbling fool, Megatron! I will give you the item if you free us, but I pledge no fealty to Megatron,” Feonax growled. Several of the other Decepticons agreed since Megatron had left them there to rust.

        “Good enough,” Sideways nodded. It wasn’t like he was going to give the item to Megatron anyway. But, he had to test where these Decepticons did place their loyalty. He walked back to the front of the hallway of metal and sliced into the Energon bar controls. A few seconds later the bars flickered out of existence and the Decepticon prisoners spilled forth. “I will leave you to your task, once you have the item use this to open a space bridge to me,” Sideways tossed a small device to Feonax. He then disappeared before anyone could say anything to dissent.

        A tall black Decepticon warrior caught the attention of the others by waving his hands. “Mistress, there’s one Omnicon missing.” He held a severed arm as proof that there was one more guard that somehow had survived Sideways’ attack.

        “Then we must be on our way,” Feonax ordered. She began to give the prisoners around her assignments. They would have to act fast before the Autobots were fully aware of their escape.


        The Phoenix chamber was almost empty except for the Autobots that were still lingering. Jade had made it a point to ensure Pierrimus met just about every one of her people. Pierrimus understood that there was some anxiety over the new group of Autobots to their world and what the newcomers wanted of them. He tried to reassure the Tektronian people that they were only going to be here temporarily and that they did not want to damage Solar Wind Planet in any way. Though, Pierrimus thought he was telling a lie and he could not fathom why this was how he felt.

        They were interrupted when a badly damaged Omnicon stumbled in with Energon and oil flowing out of a severed arm port. “The prison…decept…attacked…set free…,” the Omnicon spoke softly before the light faded in his optics. Fixiana, the small fembot minicon, quickly began to try to stabilize the near-dead Omnicon.

        “Strike, Quickshot, Semier, Sliver, and Whitewalls,   you’re coming with me. The rest of you spread out and cover this cavern’s entrances. Under no circumstances are the Tektronians to be harmed,” Pierrimus ordered frantically. He was wondering how there could be a break at the prison facility without it sounding some kind of alarm, but he’d get to that after they surveyed the situation.

        At the back of the group leaving for the prison Whitewalls whispers, “Who is this guy? We’re not here even a full solar cycle and everything goes wrong.” He shakes his head in disbelief.

        The chrome and silver fembot next to him replied, “He’s our leader, so shut up!” She did not like the fact that everyone in the Autobot group assigned to Solar Wind Planet did not believe that Primus chose properly. She at least was willing to give the ‘bot a chance.

        Fifteen minutes later the group emerged into the vault chamber to find no Decepticons still present. “Perhaps if we are lucky the Deceptcions will flee into hiding until they can escape on the dark side of the planet,” Strike commented while he lamented the destruction of his friends.

        “I want a list of the Decepticons that were kept here and any video of the breakout as soon as possible! Can we track them through the tunnels?” Pierrimus asked. He looked around for signs of tracks, but something had swept up behind the Decepticons.

        “No, we’ve never had a breakout before. There has been no need to install motion sensors,” Strike explained sadly. “I can tell you that it would take the Decepticons almost two Earth days to reach the dark side of the planet to make their escape.”

        “Let’s pray to Primus that their goal is to escape Solar Wind Planet,” Sliver comments while she pulls pieces of the Omnicons out from the vault groove. They are beyond repair as their sparks no longer register on anyone’s sensors.


        On the planet Earth a battle unlike any human eyes has ever witnessed is currently being waged on an island far off the Pacific shoreline. Beings alien to their world are fighting for the fate of the entire universe. The third Cyber Planet Key has been found and inserted into the Omega Lock, giving the maniacal Starscream near omnipotent power. He has recently crowned himself “Emperor of the Universe” and now is set against both his former commander and the Autobots, both of which seek to strip him of the power he has stole from Primus through the Omega Lock. This Starscream stood several stories high and wielded a new plasma cannon that could level entire cities with a single blast. “Give it up Optimus Prime, you are now insignificant and I shall rule over the entire universe,” Starscream bellowed at the Autobot leader.

        The fearless leader of the valiant Autobots was not in great condition when the dust clears from his the last volley of fire upon him and his men. “Not unless you extinguish my spark, Starscream,” Optimus said firmly in response to the taunt. The other Autobots nearby nodded their agreement, they’d fight to the end also to save Earth and the rest of the planets from Starscream’s control.

        “Oh, really? I’d bet you will be begging to surrender if I set all the Decepticons under my command to seek out and flatten every puny human city on this planet! Then I’ll have them continue to raze this mudball until no living thing breathes!” Starscream threatened.

        “Your lust for power will be your end, fiend,” Vector Prime commented.

        Behind Starscream a fiery circle opens in the sky to let the black and silver jet form of Sideways emerge. “Well, well. Starscream has succeeded where Megatron failed. I wonder how this development will play out? No matter, it will be a great show to watch,” Sideways commented before he moved further from the battle.





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