Fall of Cybertron
Voyager class Soundwave
Price:  $30

This is basically an upscaled version of the previous WFC Soundwave toy from a couple of years ago. His transformation is essentially the same as the smaller toy although this time his handgun is replaced by Laserbeak as an accessory instead (honestly, he would've been made slightly better by having both a handgun and Laserbeak. But we get what we got...) It's a good toy overall but like many of the modern TFs, its transformation requires a lot of "panel massaging" to get it just right in vehicle mode. I also love that they released the recolor of the mold in the same wave (I got Soundblaster too--but it's the same exact thing except for the colors so there wasn't that much point in reviewing it here too). A great toy for the Soundwave connisseur!

Verdict:  Very Good.


Beast Hunters Voyager class Predaking
Price:  $30
Available: Now

The leader of the Predacon faction, Predaking, is a nice looking toy in both modes. He continues the long line of robot dragon Transformers that includes the likes of Megatron, Cryo Scourge, Scourge (and so on). His transformation wasn't too difficult overall (unlike some of the more recent toys out there). One complaint I do have is that much of his plastic is the soft plastic (like on his robot head, for example). Also, after one transformation session one of his wings was already sagging at the joint (they could've been designed it to be a bit sturdier. Or perhaps I just got a bad one?) His guns are extra heads in dragon mode but you sort of have to use your imagination to get the full effect with that. He also has a sword that doubles as his bladed tail in dragon form. Not a bad toy overall but does have a few minor quirks that if addressed would've made it a much better toy.

Verdict:  Good