Transfomers Prime: The Game

Release: October 2012
Price: Around $40

I didn't get to play this game all that much (I've been too busy) but my initial impressions of it were that it seemed like a reasonably fun game. The game play is nothing like WFC/FOC but still decent. The plot revolves around an unseen chapter in the Prime canon, where Thunderwing is discovered and the Autobots must stop the Decepticons from exploiting his power for their own ends. I own the Wii version and the graphics and sound were reasonably good. I get the sense the programmers may have been aiming for a slightly younger audience with this title (it's not kiddie per se, but doesn't strike me as being quite as complicated as the games for the PS3/XBOX were either). I do also appreciate that they gave the Nintendo systems an entirely new game instead of a truncated version like we had with War for Cybertron (aka Cybertron Adventures).

Verdict:  Very Good.

(All in-game footage images courtesy