Transformers: Prime Season Two

Format: DVD/Blu-ray (Blu-ray is reviewed here)
Price: $25 (DVD)/$54 (BD)
Publisher: Shout Factory
Available:  Now

The first half of Season Two was really good while it felt like the second half was more hit-and-miss at times. Still, the video quality and sound on this set is excellent and a must-buy if you love Prime and want to preserve the shows on disc--or simply want to watch it in all its glory, commercial-free and uninterrupted. Like most of the Shout stuff we get a few bones as extras--an interview with the creative team and a video of a panel where Larry King interviews Peter Cullen at the SDCC. Honestly, a few more extras might be nice but this is still better then nothing.

  Very Good.

Technical Details

- Widescreen (16:9)
- English language
- Extras: Creative team interview and Peter Cullen interview
- Four discs in set