Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Release: August 2012
Price: Around $60

Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to War for Cybertron and the game-play here feels very familiar (not that it's a bad thing. If it ain't broke and all that...)  The graphics seems slightly better this time around--it feels like things are more colorful and it's easier to tell characters apart in fights and in-game interactions (in the first game the background characters felt very generic). You get to have Optimus Prime use Metroplex's weapons early-on in the game as a remote-controlled assault weapon (which is useful and neat!)  Cool new character designs for Grimlock, Shockwave and others also add to the appeal of the game.
   To be honest, I didn't really try out the multi-player parts of the game but I'm sure they're good (from what I've heard). 
   I do hope that if there's eventually a third game they change up the game mechanics a bit. Twice like this is good but I'm not sure it would hold out for yet another go-around (variety can be a good thing too).

Verdict:  Excellent! A must-buy if you love Transformers and/or video games.

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