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             This is beyond ridiculous! A voice said. Im going to be the beauty? I know Im good looking! I know I could beat Springer in a Mister Universe Contest, but what the hell, man! I am not wearing a freakin dress! Rodimus protested as he burned the dress in effigy.


              What are you complaining about?! I was cast as the damn eccentric father who invents stuff! I cant even toast bread! Kup growled.


              You invent stories from your many missions and exaggerate the end result! Rodimus reminded him as he dumped the burning dress in the sink and then sat down on a chair at the head of the large oak table.


              Shut up! Kup barked at the young Autobot.


              It was then that the two began to hear strange noises coming from outside. The two looked at each other in question and then as their eyes widened when they realized what it was.


              Theyre singing??? What the hell is this! A Dizney production?! Kup demanded.


              I quit. Rodimus stated.


 Kup went to the door and opened it getting a full blast of the off key singing from outside. The ancient mech made his huge weapon appear, placed it over his shoulder, and then pointed it at the people in the square outside.


              THE NEXT ONE WHO BELTS OUT A NOTE, IS GOING TO BE PUMPED FULL OF LASER!! NOW SHUT THE HELL UP!! ALL OF YA!! Kup shouted as everyone became silent. Idiots. He said as he slammed the door shut and subspaced his weapon.


              Before Kup could even walk away from the door, a furious pounding was heard. Kup grit his teeth and tried to control his anger as he swung the door opened to reveal Springer and Bumblebee there.


              Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.OUCH!! Bumble Bee started as Springer kicked him aside very far away. BASTARD!


              Youre cramping my style! Springer shot back as he turned toward Kup. Is Roddy here?


              Yes, hes here and what are you doing here?! Kup demanded.


              Ad-libbing. Springer walked past the elder Autobot as he found Rodimus sitting in a chair near an oak table. Hey Roddy! Check out my pecks!


              Go show Arcee your pecks! Rodimus shot back. Its bad enough you play the chauvinistic asswipe in this. Do you have to really get into the part?


              Well, I wanted to show Arcee my pecks and then she said that she couldnt because she was spending time with Side Swipe and then Sunstreaker and then both at the same time. Springer counted on his fingers as Kup and Rodimuss eyes widened knowing what Arcee was up to.


              Um, Springerstop thinking because youre gonna get depressed if you finally figure out what shes trying to say. Rodimus pointed out.


              Ill figure it out later. Springer said as Kup face palmed. You up for some poker tonight?


              Yeah, sure. Get Drift and Prowl. Well fleece Prowl after he gets over energized on high grade. Rodimus said as Kup glared at him. WHAT!

              Youll do no such thing! Kup admonished.


              Ill cut you in! Rodimus shot back.


              Deal! Kup said.




             For twenty years, Ultra Magnus could not find the toilet paper for the life of him. He had to get his servants to buy him more, but he hated the brand! If he found out who bought that brand, he was going to make them pay! It was worse than sandpaper!


              Right now, he was playing with one of his servants. Cyclonus, his advisor, was shaped as a computer mouse. He silently crept through the corridors of the castle knowing that his King would be able to find him if he made a sound.


              Found you! A voice said as a paw came down covering Cyclonus. You know, these games are getting very boring. Magnus said as he picked up the computer mouse by its wired tail, bringing his advisor to eye level. What do you suggest?


              I suggest you take up a hobby like reading for example! Cyclonus answered. The one problem you have always had is that you have trouble thinking for yourself!


              Be careful Cyclonus, because I might accidentally eat you! Magnus ferally grinned.


              I hope I give you bad indigestion if you do! Cyclonus shot back as Magnus put the computer mouse down.


              I still cant find that damn toilet paper! Magnus growled as he walked away from his advisor.


              Is he gone? Another voice asked as Cyclonus turned toward the now dusty roll of toilet paper that hopped out from its hiding place.


              Sentinel, you coward! Where have you been hiding all these years? The computer mouse demanded.


              In very dark corners. Do you know what will happen if he gets a hold of me? Sentinel asked.


              I have a pretty good idea that involves you going from kissing to wiping his ass! Cyclonus mocked.


              You know, youre so funny, I forgot to laugh! Sentinel groused.


              Guess who the advisor is and who isnt! Ill see you around! Have fun hiding for the rest of your life! Cyclonus zoomed away. If you dont disintegrate first!


              Sentinel carefully moved away from his hiding spot and then stuck his tongue out at the retreating form of Cyclonus. After he realized he was out in the opened, Sentinel moved back into the shadows to avoid his master and his inevitable fate if he was found.



             Why am I not in this? I am the main character and I am loved everywhere! I could be spending quality time with RodimuserI mean Optimus stopped as Kup glared at him.


              Oh yeah? Over my dead body! Kup said as he brandished his gun making Optimus raise his hands in surrender. You are not going to make Rodimus your mid-life crisis! Anyway, what happened to Elita?


              She dumped me and went off with someone who could give her more Optimus trailed off.


              So she went off with Ultra Magnus? Kup asked.


              No. Optimus answered.



              Hell no!




              Get your mind out of the gutter, old man!


              Okay! Okay! Heres a farfetched one. Megatron?


              Youre really grasping for straws you know that?!




              Definitely not! Optimus stamped his foot.


              You know, I change my mind. Maybe you and Rodimus would be good for each other since you acted like him just now! Kup pointed out. So who is it?


              Fortress Maximus! Optimus boomed in anger.


              AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Kup laughed as he fell over in his chair.


              What is so funny?! Optimus demanded as he crossed his arms over his chest.


              That guy is nuttier than a fruitcake! Kup said as he got off the floor and wiped the tears from his eyes. She doesnt know what shes in for! He said as he straightened out his chair.


              Well, shell find out soon enough. Optimus said as he took out the script. Do you have a pen?


              Why? Kup asked.


              Im going to write myself in. Optimus said.


              Hey Kup, do you know where I put the Rodimus stopped as he noticed who was there. What are you doing here? Didnt you retire?


              I got bored. Optimus answered as he hid the script behind his back. So I thought I would come back and visit my friend Rodimus. He said as Kup raised a brow and Rodimus just stared at him like he had another head. What!


              Uh, huh. Why are you really here? Rodimus asked.


              I want to be in this! Ill be the body guard! Optimus pleaded. Ill be your best friend!


              So, retirement wasnt what it was cracked up to be. Kup said. Why do you think I never retired?


              No it wasnt. Optimus said. As I said, I got bored.


              The door opened as Springer walked in with Drift and Prowl. Drift had the high grade as Prowl wondered why he was there. Springer brought in the deck of cards and a case of poker chips.


              Well, you wont be bored anymore! Rodimus grinned sinisterly as Prowl became nervous. Dont worry Prowl! Its just a friendly game of poker.


              Every time I play, my wallet seems to go missing! Prowl said.


              Really? Well have to prevent that this time. Right guys? Rodimus said as the others agreed.


              I dont know Prowl started as Optimus ushered him into a chair. Why are you here?


              I can cut loose once in a while! Bring out the hi-grade! Optimus said as everyone sat down at the table and began to play.




             Ryou Bakura came home from another day of interning at the hospital. Looking down at his soiled doctors uniform, the white haired student swore that if another child threw up on him, he was going to quit and take up another major! Sometimes Ryou wished the damn parents of said brats would learn what an Urgent Care Center was for!


              Bakura! Im home! Ryou called out as he placed his bag down. I hope you have at least take out! He said as he flipped on the lights and noticed four hubcaps in the living room. DAMN IT BAKURA!! I THOUGHT YOU CHANGED!!! I guess some habits die hard. He trailed off.