Takara Transformers Keychain Brawn and Takara Transformers Keychain Windcharger

$5.95 USd
Available: Now  (Brawn  -http://robotkingdom.com/services/eshop/main.php?action=details&CatType=&II=TFTZN004&lang=us&CatID=  ) and (Windcharger - http://robotkingdom.com/services/eshop/main.php?action=details&CatType=&II=TFTZN003&lang=us&CatID= )

Waaay back in 2001, Keychain versions of G1 Bumblebee and G1 Cliffjumper were released by Fun4All, followed shortly after by Keychains of G1 Brawn and Windcharger. At some point later (2003?), Takara reissued all of them as well. I happened across some cheaply priced Takara ones (I never did get them before when I had the chance). 
   Both toys are faithful to their original designs, with an extra little loop for the keychain itself, of course. I had an original Brawn years ago but never a Windcharger toy (I did have a Tailgate though). Honestly, I prefer the more recent toys to these....Legends Brawn and RTS Windcharger are just better designed toys overall (of course, they owe their existence to these originals).
Verdict:  Excellent. Quite faithful to the originals.