Another summer has come and gone and more
Transformers goodness has come our way. Fall of Cybertron is now out and ready to play (I don't have it yet. I'll likely review it next time around). Regeneration One continues with Simon Furman at the helm and Prime has returned with all-new episodes.
   This issue was a bit rushed on my end but I am pleased to showcase Camille Mauro's story as well as submissions from Johan Piest, Peter Phelps and Jay Gutzman. There's some real talent in these pages and I hope you enjoy the contributions as much as I did.
   We also see the debut of Crimson Destiny in this issue, a story I intend to be a recurring serial in these pages. I hope you all enjoy it as it unfolds over time...

Til All Are One!



Transmasters Magazine. Issue #15, SUMMER 2012

REVIEW: Recent TF toys
REVIEW: Retro TF toys
FICTION: A Drift and a Drip (by Camille Mauro)
REVIEW: Transformers Prime: Season Two Episodes
TAIL-ORR (by Peter Phelps)
COMIC: Transformers Legion (by Johan Piest)

FICTION: Darkzeek: A Transformers Prime story (by Peter Phelps)
PROFILE: Cannibal (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Casualties, part one
(by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Casualties, part two (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Casualties, part three (by Jay Gutzman)
PROFILE: Casualties, part four (by Jay Gutzman)
FICTION: Crimson Destiny
      Comic Round-up

Unless noted, this issue was produced by Tony "Thunder" Klepack. Contributions for future issues are welcome and encouraged!

(Some stock graphics were designed by Peter Phelps. Thanks to him for his many efforts).

The Transformers are Copyright and Trademark 2012 Hasbro/Takara Tomy. All rights Reserved.

The TransMasters are a Non-profit club for and by Transfans.

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