Editor's Note: This is a comic script I did up some months ago and had planned to draw but never got around to. I've had it up on my website for a while too and thought someone might enjoy reading it here if they hadn't already seen it.



Panel 1: Springer is on an alien world somewhere, at a computer terminal by a comm tower.

CAPTION: What is evil?

Panel 2:

Small shot of him turning his head and realizing he’s not alone (shadow behind him, maybe?)

CAPTION: So many use that word and yet never question it’s meaning...

Panel 3: Springer turns and runs, knowing he’s in over his head.

CAPTION: They say you can ask a question and get a thousand answers. I guess that’s true.

Panel 4: Springer sees two shadows ahead of him, blocking his path.

CAPTION: To me, evil is the absolute absence of what is good. The unending, endearing need to pursue what one’s heart desires, regardless of cost. Regardless of what you lose along the way, regardless of others well being...


Panel 1:

(SPLASH) Springer turns back where Bludgeon is leaping in the air behind him, his sword drawn and a wicked expression on his face.

CAPTION: Perhaps we are all evil, then?


Panel 1: A shot of Cybertron from space... (or maybe a cityscape shot for something different).

CAPTION: Cybertron...

Panel 2:

Rodimus Prime stands looking out a balcony at the city/some construction, lost in thought.

CAPTION: I am Rodimus Prime, the Supreme Commander of the Autobot faction on the planet Cybertron.

CAPTION: Years ago, I selfishly tried to show my brethren that I was as good a warrior as they were...

Panel 3:

Autobots stand over a dying Optimus Prime. Hot Rod holds him in his arms, anguished.

CAPTION: And our beloved leader, Optimus Prime paid the cost for my arrogance...

Panel 4:

Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Blaster stand over a audience with Rodimus addressing them (the audience is made up of Autobots).

CAPTION: But that was a long time ago and many things have changed in the intervening years... I spent a long time trying to atone for my inadequacies and over time I began to see that I could be a capable leader in my own right.


Panel 1:

(half page panel) Rodimus Prime and Galvatron are locked in mortal combat while ships/warriors fight in the background.

CAPTION: After a long fought war, we managed to actually defeat our greatest enemies, the Decepticons in a brutal conflict in Sector 17 of the Mirtonian constellation.

Panel 2:

Battleground shot with Rodimus overseeing many fallen Autobots (and some Decepticons).


We lost a lot of good Autobots that day but Galvatron was finally destroyed and with him, the Decepticon Empire suffered the beginning of the end.

Panel 3:

Autobot leadership with Autobot flags on a tower behind them. Celebrations, etc.

CAPTION: We had peace at long last...


Panel 1:

Ultra Magnus comes up to Rodimus Prime to tell him about Springer’s cut-off transmission.

ULTRA MAGNUS: Prime, we have a problem.

Panel 2:

Rodimus turns to him.

RODIMUS: What is it, old friend?

Panel 3:

Ultra Magnus close-up.

ULTRA MAGNUS: It’s Springer, Prime... you need to come see this for yourself.

Panel 4:

Rodimus and Ultra Magnus stand in front of a console while Hubcap works the unit. A screen displays Springer’s face.

SPRINGER: I don’t have much time...

Panel 5:

Close-up on Springer (background may be visible).

SPRINGER: You were right, Prime. Bludgeon is up to something big...

CAPTION: Bludgeon...

Panel 6:

Rodimus reaction shot.

CAPTION: The last of the Decepticon warlords and the most dangerous... while others either surrendered or were hunted down, he eluded capture all this time.


Panel 1:

Springer talks to the camera.

SPRINGER: I’ve input the coordinates along with this message. I don’t know how much time we have before he acts on it. I–

Panel 2:

Springer looks off, realizing he’s not alone.

SPRINGER: They’ve found me!

Panel 3:

Screen filled with static.

SPRINGER: I hope this gets to you safely! I– (cuts off).


Panel 4:

Rodimus top/head shot of him looking to Ultra Magnus.

RODIMUS: Scramble a team! I’ll be leading it myself...

Panel 5:

A shot of an Autobot ship departing Cybertron.

CAPTION: I may have had my musings about the nature of evil but love was always crystal clear to me.


Panel 1:

Shot of Hot Rod, Arcee and Springer in happier times on Earth.

CAPTION: We were like brothers a long time ago... in happier times, before responsibilities overtook all of that.

Panel 2:

Body shot of Arcee standing there with a gun drawn.

CAPTION: Arcee was a one of a kind female... tough, feisty yet loyal and compassionate too. It was hard not to be drawn to that.

Panel 3:

Larger panel with Autobot/Decepticon space battle. The faction sigils should be clear in frame.

CAPTION: In that final destructive conflict with Galvatron, she was one of those we lost...

Panel 4:

Springer is angry and points accusingly at Rodimus.

CAPTION: And Springer never let me forget it.

SPRINGER: This is all you fault!


Panel 5:

Springer stands alone beside a holo of Arcee.

CAPTION: I don’t blame him. I never did...

CAPTION 2: I knew exactly what he felt because I felt it too.


Panel 1:

Springer charges into battle against some Decepticons. I see him falling upon a group of them (because it looks cool).

CAPTION (top): After that, Springer threw himself into his work. Taking on riskier and riskier assignments and bringing the Decepticons to justice whenever he could.

CAPTION (bottom): Did he do it because being a warrior was what he did best and he thought he could loose himself in it?

Panel 2:

Rodimus sits in his command chair, looking thoughtful.

CAPTION (top): Or did he do it just so he could stay as far away from me as possible?

CAPTION (bottom): I’ll never know for sure...

Panel 3:

Picture of Arcee smiling happily.

CAPTION: I know in my mind there was nothing I could’ve done differently but that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel Springer’s pain and guilt over her death.

Panel 4:

Rodimus talks to Cliffjumper.

CAPTION: I just dealt with it as best I could. Springer... he just went looking for somebody to take it out on.

Rodimus: E.T.A?

Cliffjumper: We’ve reached the hyperspatial coordinates. Preparing to return to real space.

Panel 5:

The ship emerges with a large ringed world beyond them... (something should look nightmarish/unusual about it).


Panel 1:

Rodimus and his Autobots investigate the place. Many have their weapons drawn. Should be an above shot with some of the terrain visible too.


CAPTION: The world is dead...

CAPTION 2: No signs of native life. Whatever did exist here has been wiped clean from the face of the Universe.

Panel 2:

Rodimus speaks to Sideswipe.

CAPTION: Was it like this when Springer came here? Or are the Decepticons responsible?

CAPTION 2: I don’t ask... deep down, in my core, I already know the answer...

Rodimus: Anything?

Panel 3:

Sideswipe points off to nearby terrain.

Sideswipe: Nothing much, Prime. Whatever happened here, we missed the party.

Cliffjumper (off panel): Rodimus! 

Panel 4:

Cliffjumper holds up a shard of jagged metal.Rodimus and Sideswipe look at him from the foreground.

Cliffjumper I found this.

Cliffjumper: I think it might’ve been Springer’s...

Panel 5:

Rodimus examines the shard.

CAPTION: He’s right... and suddenly, my worst fears are confirmed.


Panel 1:

Rodimus holds the shard and gazes off...

CAPTION: Until this point, there was still some small spark of hope at the back of my mind that maybe Springer had survived somehow, despite the odds.

CAPTION 2: But I can’t deny it anymore... my brother in arms, my rival and my friend...

Panel 2:

Rodimus in the background looking off while two or three Autobots search the nearby terrain in the foreground.

CAPTION: ...is dead

Wheeljack: I think I’ve got something.

Panel 3:

Shot of small electronic device that Wheeljack stands over. The device is surrounded by grass or rocks (something that conceals it slightly from casual view).

Wheeljack: Jackpot!

Panel 4:

Jackpot beside Wheeljack.

Jackpot: What?

Wheeljack: Nothing. It’s a human figure of speech...

Panel 5:

Wheeljack comes to Rodimus (Rodimus in foreground as WJ approaches).

Wheeljack: Rodimus, we’ve got a data recorder!

Panel 6:

Rodimus regards the device.

Rodimus: He left us a clue...


Panel 1:

Wheeljack connects the device to a mobile computer thingy.

Wheeljack: Should be ready in a sec.

CAPTION: Even to his last, Springer was doing his duty... the mission always came first.

Panel 2:

An image on-screen of Bludgeon holding up an object. Another sub-panel shows a close-up of an alien design.

CAPTION: There’s not much information on the device but Springer clearly found something important.

Panel 3:

Close-up of the alien glyph(s) and the object.

CAPTION: What did Bludgeon find and what are we up against?

Panel 4:

Another image of the Last Autobot and some Cybertronian text.

CAPTION: There’s a reference to the sacred text about the Rising of the Last Autobot–the Ultimate Warrior who will rise in our greatest time of need and guide the children of Cybertron to salvation.

Panel 5:

Shot of the Last Autobot, Optimus Prime, the Autobots and Cybertron as well as Unicron in the background (mosaic style).

CAPTION: He’s already risen, though. In the wake of the final battle with Unicron, The Last Autobot was awoken by Optimus Prime and used his great power to help revitalize Cybertron.

CAPTION 2: After that, he returned to dormancy far beneath Iacon for some unspecified time in the future.


Panel 1:

Close-up of Rodimus looking thoughtful.

CAPTION: Is this some sort of scheme to get at him and steal his power for Bludgeon’s own ends?

CAPTION 2: Or is there something else to all of this?

Panel 2:

Wheeljack looking down at foreground (and device). Rodimus gazing behind him.

WHEELJACK: There’s a set of coordinates on here too.

Panel 3:

Rodimus close-up.

CAPTION: ...Coordinates?

Panel 4 (larger panel)

A shot of a black hole and a world in the foreground.

CAPTION: The end of the Universe...

CAPTION 2: It is a strangely appropriate place to end the hunt for Bludgeon.


Panel 1:

Rodimus stands behind two Autobots, who are seated behind a console (whomever is on helm–did I name him/them earlier?)

CAPTION: Sigma IVX-VII, Cybertronian Expeditionary archival designation, Crobius IX.

The final planet left in this long dead system, on the rim of the uncharted regions. Literally, the end of the known Universe. A world containing nothing of value to anyone.

CAPTION 2: Or so we’d assumed until now...

RODIMUS: Take us in.

Panel 2:

The Decepticons are gathered around. Bludgeon is prominent and Dirge is nearby.

CAPTION: On the surface...

DIRGE: Are we sure about this?

BLUDGEON: We have come far and searched long for this--

Panel 3:

Bludgeon close-up. He holds up the item from earlier.

BLUDGEON: The key to ultimate power! And with it, victory!

Panel 4:

Krok comes from nearby.

KROK: Bludgeon! We’ve got a signal on the edge of the system.

Panel 5:

Close-up of Dirge reacting.

DIRGE: The Autobots!

Panel 6:

Joint shot with Dirge, this part highlighting Bludgeon.

BLUDGEON: Perhaps it’s time we prepared a suitable welcome for our guests...


Panel 1:

Rodimus Prime disembarks from the Autobot ship followed by several of his warriors.

RODIMUS: Stay sharp everyone!

Panel 2:

The Decepticons, lead by Bludgeon attack en masse (large shot).



Rodimus and Bludgeon fight (Rodimus punches at Bludgeon who has to dodge the strike as he runs into it. A la Superman vs. Doomsday shot–you know the one you mean :). Around them, the others fight too.



Panel 1:

Bludgeon swipes his sword down, with Rodimus narrowly avoiding it.

Panel 2:

Rodimus punches him, knocking him off balance.

Panel 3:

Bludgeon lashes out with his foot and hits Rodimus.

Panel 4:

Rodimus blasts his wrist guns at Bludgeon, who avoids the strike.

Panel 5:

Bludgeon double-fist punches Rodimus.

Panel 6:

Bludgeon kicks him away and down.

Panel 7:

Bludgeon looks on and sees his forces are outmatched.

Panel 8:

He flees, without finishing off Rodimus.


Panel 1:

Bludgeon talks to Krok.

BLUDGEON: Rally the others! We need to stall the Autobots long enough to reach the weapon!

KROK: We’ll do our best...

Panel 2:

Bludgeon, Dirge, Banzaitron and Flywheels move to some area hidden from immediate view from the Autobots and the others. In the foreground is a pedestal sort of device.

Panel 3:

Close-up of his hand inputting the device into the pedestal.

Panel 4:

In front of them are two towers that spark to life... energy sparkles between them.

Panel 5:

Same shot but with a energy portal open now.

Panel 6:

Bludgeon close-up.

BLUDGEON: Let’s go!


Panel 1:

Rodimus slugs a Decepticon that has attacked him.

Panel 2:

He looks around. Beyond him is Autobots and Decepticons fighting.

CAPTION: Bludgeon’s missing! He must have used the battle to distract us while he carries out his plan.

Panel 3:

Rodimus to Wheeljack.

RODIMUS: Come on!

Panel 4:

Rodimus, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Sideswipe seek out the portal device (in the foreground).


Panel 5:

Energy rays traveling into the heart of the black hole itself (a teleportation/portal thingy).

CAPTION: To stop evil once and for all, we must journey into the heart of darkness itself...


Panel 1:

They arrive in darkness, except for the blue iris of the portal behind them. Their silhouettes are partially visible in the panel.

RODIMUS: Is everyone all right?

Panel 2:

Sideswipe, holding up a light source.

SIDESWIPE: We’re all fine, Prime.

Panel 3:

Wheeljack tosses out a device.

WHEELJACK: This should help brighten things up!

Panel 4:

The room is illuminated by his gizmo. Around them is an ancient temple style room with various alien glyphs and writings.


CAPTION: Indeed.

Panel 5:

Rodimus examines a wall. Wheeljack is nearby (in the background).

RODIMUS: These glyphs seem like Cybertronian... but far older then our own... ancient.

WHEELJACK: Maybe it’s a lost dialect or something.

RODIMUS: Maybe...

Panel 6:

Sideswipe close-up shot. He has found something. Behind him, Rodimus and Wheeljack look on and Cliffjumper is also standing around.

SIDESWIPE: There’s a tunnel over here--they must’ve gone this way!


Panel 1:

Rodimus leads the way, his Autobots behind him. The tunnel is dark but not impossible to see through either.

RODIMUS: Stay sharp! This would be an excellent place to lay a trap...

Panel 2:

The group emerge at a large chamber and a balcony type area. Below them, down some winding stairs, is the Decepticons flanking Bludgeon. He holds the artifact above his head with his hands. Beyond them is a bizarre alien tomb.

BLUDGEON: And so it begins! With this one act, I give the Decepticons their ultimate victory–and dominion over the Universe itself shall follow!

Panel 3:

Rodimus stands, flanked by his Autobots. In the foreground below them the Decepticons look up in surprise.

RODIMUS: It’s over, Bludgeon! This ends now, once and for all.

Panel 4:

Bludgeon places the artifact into a nook device in front of him.

Panel 5:

Bludgeon close-up.

BLUDGEON: It certainly does, Prime. I have initiated the activation sequence now... in moments, the Ultimate Warrior will awaken from his slumber here–and then, I alone shall control his power!

Panel 6:

The Autobots charge forward (side shot). Rodimus points at Bludgeon.

RODIMUS: The Ultimate Warrior is the Last Autobot. Optimus proved that years ago when he activated him after the Unicron War. What are you–


Panel 1:

Bludgeon surrounded by his Decepticons.

BLUDGEON: So we all thought... but the tablets we discovered proved otherwise.

Panel 2:

Shot of Primus, Cybertron and the Last Autobot standing proudly on one end of the panel while Unicron, Liege Maximo and a dark silhouette occupy the opposite corner.

BLUDGEON (V.O): The Last Autobot was the final Guardian of Primus, true. But the Ultimate Warrior was created as his dark equal by a power loyal to Unicron and put here for an undisclosed time in the future when his power would be needed.

Panel 3:

Bludgeon charges to attack, sword drawn.

BLUDGEON: That time, is now!

CAPTION: Could it be true?

Panel 4:

Rodimus punches Bludgeon in the head, forcing him to stumble backward.

CAPTION: Is this some kind of doomsday device left behind by Unicron to avenge himself in the event of his death?

CAPTION: The alternative–that despite his death, there are still forces out there doing his bidding–is a possibility even more sinister. One that I don’t want to consider even though I know I must.


Panel 1:

The Autobots and Decepticons engage each other in combat.

CAPTION: No matter the truth, have Bludgeon’s actions doomed us here this day?

Panel 2:

Bludgeon punches Rodimus away, his expression turned in the direction of the tomb.

BLUDGEON: It comes!

Panel 3:

The tomb glows eerily, coming to life.

Panel 4:

An explosion tears the tomb apart, forcing the various Transformers to scatter.

Panel 5:

The Ultimate Warrior emerges, with a terrifying howl (make him look really cool. I’m thinking some kind of pseudo-samurai thing). Also, he’s much bigger then the rest of them...

CAPTION: The face of pure evil, revealed...


Panel 1:

Bludgeon looks up, grasping the artifact in his left fist as he does.

BLUDGEON: I am called Bludgeon. I have revived you to aid the Decepticons in this, our time of greatest need.

Panel 2:

The Warrior looks down, as if noticing him for the first time.

Panel 3:

The warrior slams his fist down, striking Bludgeon square-on.


Panel 4:

The Warrior attacks! Energy blasts erupt from his fists, destroying Flywheels and Banzaitron in one shot.

Panel 5:

Close-up of Dirge, turning. The Autobots are visible in the background.

DIRGE: Slag this!

Panel 6:

The Ultimate Warrior turns his attention to the Autobots...


Panel 1:

The Ultimate Warrior slams his foot down, forcing the Autobots to scatter. The floor cracks where he’s contacted with it.

Panel 2:

The five (Dirge included) open fire on the Warrior. He is unaffected by their attack.

Panel 3:

Sideswipe turns to Rodimus. The others look to him as well.

SIDESWIPE: Now what?

CAPTION: A valid question...

Panel 4:

Rodimus points off.

RODIMUS: Get out of here, everyone! I’ll try to stop him myself!

Panel 5:

The others turn to leave. Cliffjumper turns back.

DIRGE: Sounds good to me!

CLIFFJUMPER: Good luck, Prime.

Panel 6:

Bludgeon, damaged severely. Holds up the artifact.

BLUDGEON: I am.. your Master. You w-will... obey me!


Panel 1:

The Warrior destroys him with an energy blast...


Panel 2:

Rodimus notes the artifact was not destroyed, it lies nearby.

Panel 3:

He rolls out of the way of the Warrior’s fist (as it crashes into the spot he’d been standing) and reaches out for it.

CAPTION: The artifact might still have some relevance...

Panel 4:

Rodimus rushes up the stairs...

Panel 5:

He blasts the temple ceiling, bringing some of it down upon the Warrior.

Panel 6:

Rodimus emerges in the ante room part and finds the others, who are trapped there (no portal).

WHEELJACK: Prime! The portal’s gone!


Panel 1:

Dirge points at the artifact.

DIRGE: Bludgeon used that to open the bridge in the first place. We’ll need it to open the way back!

Panel 2:

Rodimus sees a corresponding panel to the one on the planet...

Panel 3:

He slams the artifact into it...

Panel 4:

The portal opens...

Panel 5:

The others rush into it as Rodimus supervises.

RODIMUS: Go! I’ll stay behind and make sure it’s finished off...

Panel 6:

Rodimus charges forward (toward the camera).

CAPTION: Evil is the absolute absence of what is good. The unending, endearing need to pursue what one’s heart desires, regardless of cost. Regardless of what you lose along the way, regardless of others well being...


Panel 1:

The Warrior comes around the bend from it’s tomb chamber, determined to reach the portal room

CAPTION: That selfish pursuit of one’s own desires gives life to evils of it’s own... monsters that cannot be easily stopped once they are birthed.

Panel 2:

Rodimus holds up the Matrix.

CAPTION: Evil must be combated, must be stopped–or it will gain so much momentum, nothing will be able to resist it’s ebb and flow.

Panel 3:

The Warrior strikes him with a kick, sending him and the Matrix flying in different directions.

CAPTION: I have dedicated my life to stopping evil, to cherishing life and protecting innocence.

Panel 4:

Rodimus is damaged, he clutches at his cracked chest plate.

CAPTION: I am a Prime. I will gladly give all of myself to perform my sacred duty...

Panel 5:

The Warrior carries on toward the portal, which is still active.

CAPTION: Even if it means my life.

Panel 6:

Rodimus reaches out weakly for the nearby Matrix on the floor.

CAPTION: Evil must be stopped so that peace can flourish...


Panel 1:

Rodimus uses the Matrix, it’s power emerging brightly from the core.

Panel 2:

The Autobots look on at the portal on the planet. Dirge is also there...

WHEELJACK: Something’s coming through!

SIDESWIPE: Stand ready! If Rodimus failed and that thing gets through...

Panel 3:

Rodimus emerges from the portal, holding the Matrix. He is damaged looking.

Somebody (off frame): It’s Prime! He’s alive! 

CAPTION: I am the fine line that stands between the darkness and the light; the guilty and the innocent... The evil and the good that it seeks to extinguish.

CAPTION: I am the Leader of the Autobots and the protector of the innocent. I was chosen for this role. It is my destiny.

CAPTION: I am Rodimus Prime.