A short article this time around. A quick look at some transformable robots I bought while on a trip to Ohio in 2008 (for the BotCon, natch). These aren't really KOs (to my knowledge) but caught my eye anyway. I found them in the gift shop of the National Museum of the US Air Force (we had a tour there during the BotCon, btw).

Front of box.
Back of box.

Pictures of the combined form.

Side of box

Top of box

Insect robots pictured on the back (I'm not clear where these would be from. They don't match up with the other Convertors insects or the Deluxe Insecticons so they must be something else).

KOs of The Convertors toys on the back.

A website with more information about this 80s robot line:

Box art of generic robot

Of real interest to me was the picture on the back. It shows several other robots that are apparently available. What's interesting is these are recolored Convertors toys! I have the condor toy, pictured (black and white toy on the far right. The original is blue and silver. I call mine Razorwing) and I used to have the peacock and owl toys as well).