TRNS-01 Valkyrie

Released: Summer 2010
Impossible Toys

Available from online retailers like BBTS
$70 USD (as of this writing, at

After years of waiting for Hasbro to do an accurate Generation One style Arcee toy, a third party company has stepped up to the plate instead. That attempt is this action figure, the TRNS-01 Valkyrie.  I was struck how by how small the toy truly is....
I like that somebody finally took the plunge and did an Arcee toy. The transformation is almost ridiculously easy (a nice change from other recent toys I've bought). The figure is moderately poseable--the head can't swivel sideways (which would've been nice). The arms and legs can be put in a variety of poses however. Arcee comes with two small handguns but they are removable (easier to lose them though). Another problem is that the toy doesn't seem to want to stand up on its own (hence the object holding it up in the pictures below). On my toy specifically, the paint on the left eye is applied sloppily and there's a small blotch beneath where it should be. The upper arms are composed of two pieces and I worry it's a breakage hazard (why didn't they just use one piece instead?) I also agree with others who say the toy could have more paint apps--in this case, even some stickers to enhance the details would be nice (there are none).

Verdict:  I appreciate the effort behind this toy and I love having a G1 Arcee. Having said that, the toy is too small for the price they're asking for it online (if it had been a Hasbro toy it would've been $15 tops, not $70). I think it should've been bigger and also think there should be more details on the toy, whether paint apps or stickers. Also, how about a toy that's able to stand on its own? I would pass on this unless you must have an Arcee (also, there's another third party Arcee out there that's a little bit bigger so this isn't your only option).


The box from BBTS it came in. Talk about overkill!