The Animated Shadow Blade Megatron Leader class toy is quite nice (he is a recolor of the original color scheme Leader class toy). The chopper mode is even nicer in-person and the toy doesn't seem to have any defects that I can see (actually, I found about two very small paint scratches but nothing serious like design defects or anything. Many TF:A toys apparently do have design defects). The toy has sound effects in robot mode, a transformation sound in-between modes and an engine noise in chopper mode (nice touch!) From a transformation point of view, he transforms a little weird--I didn't mind the old simple designs but this one has a couple of panels that you have to lift and rotate on the legs and his arm cannon panel needs to be removed to put under the cockpit in vehicle mode. All in all, a good $40 toy (that retails for $60 CDN. where I live normally).