The following is in regards to your inquiry of the actions taken by the Autobots sent to Solar Wind Planet, in particular those taken by the Autobot force leader Pierrimus. Your communication regarding this subject was terse and gave the impression that some of the Autobot Elders may harbor hostile feelings toward the actions of Pierrimus. It is my opinion that Pierrimus took the only course available to keep the power of the fifth Cyber Planet Key out of the Decepticon's possession. If anyone should take the blame for the Decepticons breaking free of the detention facility it should be firmly upon my shoulders.

The Tektronian society has undergone a radical change as they have moved from being entirely stable (literally carved in stone) to a race that, like us, can change form at will. Some of the Omnicons and Autobots have stayed on Solar Wind Planet in order to help aid the Tektronians through the initial period of change. They are a strong people and I fear that the Decepticons will target them for recruitment purposes now that their true forms have been revealed. Their leader, Saphfire, is doing her best to keep her people from fracturing. Yet, I see the beginning of dissent since there are a portion of Tektronians that blame her for the radical changes on Solar Wind Planet. They are a proud and extremely traditional society, change and new ways of doing things do not come easy for these people. It will take some time before enough of them can be trained in the technology that now make up their bodies so they can repair themselves. I am very glad for Red Alert's help in this area.

I do not know where Pierrimus or Feonax are currently located. The last I saw them was when Phoenix grabbed them after she first transformed. Phoenix may know their location, but so far she has not informed Saphfire and I am unwilling to push her on this subject. A goddess may have her own reasons to keep us in the dark on this subject. It is my opinion that Pierrimus has not abandoned the Autobot cause. I believe that he will return in his own time. As for Feonax, it would be better for all involved that she remain missing or entrapped. Due to her attempt to destroy Solar Wind Planet even those Decepticons that swore allegiance to her have swiftly found other commanders. Even her most loyal of followers, Silencea; whom returned to active status when Solar Wind Planet underwent its Cyber Key transformation, has decided to re-evaluate her belief in the Decepticon cause. Saphfire and I have offered her asylum on Solar Wind Planet until she has decided on her new path in life. I can tell that something Pierrimus did to her and her brief period of death has unsettled her to the core, of course she does not speak very much. A shame, she could probably do well in the Iacon choir.

I find it odd that you would allow Alpha Quintesson to make off with the new fifth Cyber Planet Key. Did you ever learn the full truth as to how he survived the Energon war? Relay gave me a full explanation of his time trapped by Alpha Quintesson, and I am convinced that we should not trust this creature. He may be plotting to use the power of the key to aid his former comrade by restoring the spark of Dark Scorponok. This may lead to more problems for the universe in the future.


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