I have left out the micro combiner sets of the Constructicons and Sixwing here because I've already posted those to the Blog. Most of these are obvious KOs due to the fact there is no metal parts and the stickers suck (most come off after less than 6 months). Also, the colors are not always exact and the plastic is usually much more brittle than the original toys. So here are a few that I have with explanations as to where I found them.

Found at Big Lots. Found at Walgreens before xmas was in area where if you bought 3 you could get them for $14.99, was bought with the below Superion and Defensor sets. You can probably find the same set of Superion every year at Wal Mart during easter, I've seen it in the $10 baskets.

The below Abominus and Monstructor sets were purchased off of eBay. I was not happy with the way Monstructor's package had been cut up just so the sender could cut down on packing/handling me there was little left beyond the plastic bubble. Monstructor is an oversized toy, thus the image with the included normal sized toy. Notice how Abominus' Rippersnapper and Sinnertwin have their colors reversed? (I purchased a Menasor set from the same seller, but since it came with two Technobots instead of all the Stunticons I've left it out here.)

Next are two toys that I bought at BotCon 2004. These are the Japanese toys Sixtrain and Raiden. I don't mind good knockoffs of toys that we never got to see here in the US. Of course, later Hasbro began to release the micromaster combiners as Universe toys but that was some time after I bought these.

Not exactly a Gesalt toy, this was also bought at BotCon 2004: Machattack.

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