DX9 Salmoore.

Manufacturer: Unique Toys
Class: N/A (Voyager equivalent)
Price: $80 USD
Available:  2014 (online toy retailers like BBTS, TFSource, etc.)

Comments:  Salmoore is a third party interpretation of the Gobots Renegades Leader called Cykill. In an environment populated with endless rehashes of Devastator, Hound, Chromedome and the like, I applaud Unique Toys attempt to do something different. The toy itself is quite impressive in robot form. The face is nice looking, he has actual hands (the original toy had "hole" style fists) and stands reasonably well. The motorcycle mode is also nice looking. My only real complaint is that the transformation process from robot to cycle felt needlessly difficult. Surely there's an easier way to accomplish the same thing? I also found the guns that become his pipes in bike mode a bit tricky to fit together (the tolerances are quite precise in order for it to work right). Another minor quibble is that his guns can't fit perfectly in his hands in robot mode. One looks right but the other has to go at an angle because of the way it and he are designed. I also think the handle bars could stand to be a bit more pronounced in cycle form--they seem a little bit lame to me. Still, it's a fairly good figure for what you get so I can live with these problems.

Verdict:  Excellent. A worthy homage to the original Machine Robo/Gobots character.