Transformers Platinum Edition Seeker Squadron 3-Pack

Class: N/A (Deluxe equivalent)
Price: $75 USD/$85 CAD
Available: 2015 (Target exclusive in USA; Wal-Mart exclusive in Canada)

I only ever owned two Seekers as a kid. A second-hand Starscream (missing a fist, a tail fin, both missiles and guns) and a brand new Ramjet. I always wanted a Thrust as well but he was long gone from stores by that time so this set is an awesome second chance to get him. The pictures I took show no stickers on the toys but they *do* come with them (I just didn't feel like going through the hassle of applying them and taking the chance I might screw it up). The parts on these figures felt a bit loose (not in a defective way. I mean, not overly tight though--my G1 Ramjet was quite tight by comparison). Plastic quality feels good overall (one of the wings has a bit of "wavy" plastic pattern on it which suggests it might be a bit defective/not mixed 100% right). Overall, these toys are fantastic reissues of the G1 figures and I certainly can't complain. At roughly $25 a piece they're a good buy too (unlike some of the other "Platinum" releases of late).

Verdict:  Excellent! A must buy for the G1 aficionado!