Machine Robo Series: Revenge of Cronos. 03 Eagle Robo.

Manufacturer: Action Toys
Class: N/A (Deluxe equivalent)
Price: $45 USD
Available: Now (online toy retailers like BBTS, TFSource, etc.)

I opened up my Eagle Robo figure finally. It's not bad overall. I find the transformation scheme is overly complicated (what else is new with non-Hasbro stuff?) Also, one of the pins under the wing was slightly out of place so I couldn't fit one of the guns under there properly in jet mode (I fixed it though). I also can't seem to get the wheel under the nosecone to come down (it seems to be wedged in there quite good and I don't want to apply too much pressure). The nosecone could be fit a bit snugger in jet mode. It clips together but feels a tad loose. As far as size goes, I also think these guys are a bit overpriced (they're roughly the size of a TF Deluxe). Complaints aside, it looks pretty good in both modes and is a great representation of the Gobot Leader-1/Eagle Robo.

Verdict:  Good. Has a few flaws and could be a bit cheaper. A must-have for Gobots fans. Otherwise, might be worth waiting to see if it eventually goes on sale...