Stunticons team/Menasor

Deluxes (Drag Strip, Breakdown, Dead End, Offroad)
Price: $15-17 USD/$17-19 CDN
Available:  Now

Voyager (Motormaster)
Price: $25 USD/$30 CDN
Available:  Now


Drag Strip:

Dead End:



I decided that since my comments apply to all of these toys I might as well just do a "group" review. All of these figures are excellent updates to the original Stunticons. Better articulation, fairly straight-forward transformations and great aesthetics. Offroad is a new character (likely intended as someone else in a future combiner team). I like his general looks and think that, like Alpha Bravo with the Aerialbots, he makes for some variety in the team. I also like the new combining mechanism, which is spring loaded bits on Motormaster that the others "slot" into. I also discovered that the new Superion and Menasor are the same size as FOC Bruticus which is a nice touch. I have to admit I prefer Menasor's G1 head design over the new one. The original one had a cool Japanese mecha look to it while the new one reminds me of some kind of Viking battle helmet look (his facial expression also makes him look perpetually irritated). Also, while I got Superion assembled just fine, Menasor was a floppy mess when I first put it together (I had Offroad and Breakdown as the legs and the toy wouldn't stay up straight and Offroad kept opening up). Once I switched out Breakdown for Dead End then Menasor started standing up straight and everything was fine.

Verdict:  Excellent. A must buy for G1 fans!