Aerialbots team/Superion

Deluxes (Air Raid, Firefly, Skydive, Alpha Bravo)
Price: $15-17 USD/$17-19 CDN
Available:  Now

Voyager (Silverbolt)
Price: $25 USD/$30 CDN
Available:  Now


Air Raid:



Alpha Bravo:

Better together...

Versus the competition

I decided that since my comments apply to all of these toys I might as well just do a "group" review. All of these figures are excellent updates to the original Aerialbots. Better articulation, fairly straight-forward transformations and great aesthetics. Of the originals, I only ever owned Silverbolt but the newer toy is a much improved version over it, removing the stiffness of the original and adding a lot of articulation. I do like the addition of Alpha Bravo to the team--making a helicopter a part of the team adds to the variety of the aerial team rather then just another fighter jet (Quickslinger is coming for those G1 purists). I also like the new combining mechanism, which is spring loaded bits on Silverbolt that the others "slot" into. I also discovered that the new Superion and Menasor are the same size as FOC Bruticus which is a nice touch.

Verdict:  Excellent. A must buy for G1 fans!