TW-01B Hegemon (release 2)
Producer: Toyworld
Class: Voyager equivalent
Price: $110 USd
Available:  2014

Box (front)
Box (back)
Instructions: Front, back
Tech Spec card: Front, Back
Robot form in plastic
Robot form
Robot form w/mace
Robot mode w/alt. head
Headmaster Megatron
Two heads are better then one...
Gun mode (front)
Gun mode (side)
Gun mode (rear), Scope up-close
Locked and loaded
Megatrons 1, 2
3P Megs and Galv

This is a third party version of G1 Megatron that came out a year or two back. Release 2 (not really its name, just my designation) is a newer release of the toy for those of us who missed it the first time around. The newer one doesn't have the sword or silencer extension the original toy came with. It does come with a new alternate head and a energy mace (slightly different from the first release but still cool). This toy looks excellent in robot form and I'm pleased to say he holds up quite well. The robot mode is poseable, able to stand on its own fine and looks cool in general. Both heads have light piping. The regular white head has red optics while the black head G1 comic version has yellow ones (and a smirk). (Side note: the head must be unscrewed in the back and removed to put the other one on). His mace fits snugly into his fist holes--no worrying about trying to fit it a certain way to stay here. The gun mode is pretty easy to transform into. I used the picture on the back of the box as a reference and had it down flat (unlike some other 3P stuff I reviewed recently). The gun mode fits my adult hand (unlike the Classics Megatron, which was too small to fit comfortably. I understand why--they don't want people using these as real gun substitutes but the fact Hegemon does fit is cool). Apparently some places sold this guy with an orange plug in the barrel but mine didn't come with one (which is fine by me).

Verdict:  Excellent. This is the real deal! A must buy if you like third party product and/or love G1 Megatron.

Shadow Azaelea
Stealth Assassin
Producer: MasterMind Creations
Class: Deluxe equivalent
Price: $110 USd (and up)
Available:  2014

Box (front)
Box (back)

Robot form in plastic shell
Tech Spec card: Front, Back Instructions/comic book: Front, Back cover
Robot form
Robot form w/weapons: Guns drawn, swords drawn
Weapons holstered: 1, 2
Guns up-close: 1, 2
Swords up-close
Vehicle mode (front)
Vehicle mode (side)

Sisters in arms

Azaelea is a third party Arcee toy made up to resemble the current IDW form of the character. There have been four releases to-date: the standard one (pink and white), Zinnia (green version. The Paradron Medic version), a blue TFCon USA 2014 version and this black and purple version (also a convention exclusive from an Asian show). I went with the Stealth Assassin version because, frankly, the regular version didn't interest me (I already have two third party Arcees modeled after the G1 character). This version is visually striking in its robot form. The robot mode is sleek, stands on its own and quite pose-able. Azaelea comes with two swords and two guns. Two of either can be attached to her hips in robot form while the others can occupy her hands. There are some downsides though: the hands are molded in such a way that she seems to be pointing. This may seem nice for the guns but the swords won't stay on very well unless you hook them into the fingers. I would've much rather preferred solid fists with holes--sometimes the older, simpler things work best. I would rather a toy be able to hold its weapons easily then have less "kiddie"/simplistic hands. In hovercraft mode, she doesn't look nearly as good. I don't know if it's just my toy or not but it seems like the vehicle should be flatter then it is. I tried my best to follow the instructions but there doesn't seem to be a way to fold her down more (the head goes underneath the vehicle but it only goes so far). I also feel like her transformation is needlessly complicated--like either whoever designed the toy didn't know how to do it better or felt some obligation to make complicated enough so buyers wouldn't complain it was "too easy". For my two cents, give me a functional, easy to change toy that good in both modes and I'll be happy. Your mileage may vary. There's a little black piece which is a "stand" for the hovercraft mode. I had trouble getting it to fit correctly and the toy doesn't really need it anyway. As with most MMC toys, the toy has a comic adventure included with the instruction booklet--the comic is likely the same one as the regular release (although the stealth version has an extra b/w comic added to the box flap which explains the stealth form too). 

Verdict:  Good. Overcomplicated transformation and a so-so vehicle mode prevent this from being an "excellent" rating. For the price this goes for (even the basic pink one is $60 USd) I expect better.

Warbot Revolver
Producer: FansProject
Class: Voyager equivalent
Price: $90 USd
Available:  Spring 2014

Box (front)
Box (back)
Box: Right side, Left side
Robot form
Robot w/weapons
Weapons: 1, 2, 3
Robot w/pilot: 1, 2
Pilot figure

Vehicle (front)
Vehicle (side)
Vehicle w/pilot: 1, 2, 3
Roadbuster and Revolver (robot)
Roadbuster and Revolver (vehicle modes)

This is a third party Roadbuster that had the unfortunate timing of arriving not long before the Hasbro/Takara version was released (it came out in spring and the official HasTak one came out in the summer). I've been following the Warbot releases since the first one (Defender. Aka Springer). Defender is Springer, Assaulter is Broadside and Revolver is Roadbuster. Revolver is not without his charms. His robot mode is quite detailed--more so then the Hasbro toy (although the Hasbro toy is brighter/more appealing). Revolver also employs the classic "Brainmaster" gimmick (that is, a smaller robot pilot who plugs into the bigger robot's chest (or perhaps "Powermaster" is more accurate?) According to the comic story, the little guy is the actual personality and the bigger robot is his avatar/mecha). The robot mode is pretty poseable and comes with quite a few weapons (all of which can combine into bigger guns, if one so desires). The transformation was a bit more complicated then it needed to be (what else is new with third party releases!) The vehicle mode is decent as well. He becomes an open seated Jeep of sorts (which allows the pilot robot to sit in the cockpit and also features a flip-up windshield). I think between the two toys, I might prefer the Hasbro version's vehicle mode slightly more (it looks more on-model for Roadbuster). Still, an excellent release overall and worth the time for those who like third party toys such as this.

Verdict:  Excellent