Name: Gee Penny
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scout

“Gusto kong protektahan ang mga tao (I want to protect the people).”

Gee Penny was one of the few Autobots that survived Cybertron’s entrance into Earth’s atmosphere after the Great Betrayal of Sentinel Prime. He was lucky enough to escape to Earth on a shuttle with a few other Autobots. They crashed near the city of Cebu in the Philippine islands and quickly assimilated by taking on local vehicle forms. Many of the other Autobots do not understand why he chose the form that would fill him with fleshlings constantly. He prefers the form because he can truly get to know the culture and it easily allows him to move throughout the main islands on patrol of its cities without drawing any unnecessary attention. Optimus Prime allowed the small band of Autobots to remain there as they choose with Gee Penny acting as their scout to protect the Filipino people from any Decepticon activity that might wash up on their shores.

Strength 7
Speed 4
Skill 6
Endurance 8
Rank 5
Courage 9
Teamwork 8
Firepower 6

Profile by Peter Phelps