More Dimes, More Dozens...

By Tony "Thunder" Klepack

I found some toys recently at Wal-mart (in Canada) that struck me as being Micromaster Knock-offs. I purchased them and at first I thought they might just similar to existing MM toys. As it turns out, however, they definitely are Micromaster KOs...

A size comparison with legitimate Micromaster toys.

TF Universe MM Fireflight from Europe (recolor from the original Sixwing toy)
TF Universe MM Silverbolt from Europe (recolor from the original Sixwing toy). Oddly, this doesn't look like Silverbolt... the Skydive toy resembles Silverbolt more.

Micromaster Skydive
Micromaster Stormjet

These TF Universe toy pics are from Europe and may be coming out in the U.S. as well (although information is a bit sketchy on that topic).

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