Transformers Prime Arcee First Edition

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Prime Arcee is a reasonably good toy. She looks like the cartoon depiction in her toy form (the face is pretty much perfect. I tried taking a picture but it ended up looking like E.T. so I left it out :). The transformation was like many of the other recent Transformers I've converted--needlessly complicated conversion and for a while it was a mess of legs and what-not as I tried to get it into robot mode. Eventually I (mostly) succeeded (the handle bars behind the head are not as flat as I would've liked but it's good enough). I don't like that her "bust" pieces don't snap together (it would make it more stable then the floppy way they left it).  Also, her feet were really tight when I flipped them out (to the point I was worried I might be doing something wrong and end up wrecking them. Fortunately, it turned out I was using the correct method after all). The eyes are light-piped, which is always cool (the pictures don't show it very well though). The motorcycle has a little kick stand it vehicle mode which helps keep it from falling over (Arcee's reasonably stable in robot mode despite being a bit top heavy).
   Her face parts are indeed pink (I wasn't sure at first). The light in the room I opened the toy made it look almost gold but in better light it is actually pink like it should be.
   This "first eidtion" toy has no tech spec (or at least the Canadian version doesn't, anyway). Perhaps future releases will correct that oversight?  The toy also comes with a cardboard "display stand" (pictured below) although the toy cannot attach itself in any way to the stand (which makes it pointless in my opinion).


Verdict:  Good. It has a few minor flaws but generally it's a good toy and recommended for those who like Arcee.