Spotlight Primus
By J.Piest


In a far sector of space is a planet, fourth from that galaxy’s sun.

This planet is called Kurlis. It has a moderate temperature, similar to earth with an orange sky.

Just like on planet Earth, it has seas, dirt and mountains, an even for humans breatheable atmosphere, but this not about humans.


Autobot Leader Ultra Magnus is checking the incoming data relayed to him from the Bay sector by Autobot Special Ops expert Jazz.

‘Unknown mass is approaching northern hemisphere, meaning Wyatt sector, at steady speed.’

‘Sending ........ to fill you in with the details, he will meet you soon in the Wyatt sector.’


There are several sectors on the planet, Bay and Wyatt being the current most influential, with the upcoming Orci sector promising to be just as important. Other sectors like the Bacal sector or the Forward sector stopped developing eons ago but remain a thriving force. Some want to stay in their own sector and not interfere with others.


This isolationist’s behaviour is not Ultra Magnus’s style. He cares for all the inhabitants on the planet and allthough he doesn’t always understand their motives, he can respect them.


“Can you see the object on radar?” Ultra Magnus hears a silent but dissapointing “No” coming from the intel center. Magnus continues: “Does it emit heat or anything?”   followed by a quick “Sorry, we don’t know how Jazz got the intel because we got absolutely nothing!”


“Let me help.” Comes from the other side of the room, as a sports car transforms in the middle of a corner, making a few acrobatic moves before landing near Magnus. It remains a strange concept, Magnus ponders, having a Decepticon ally. No wait. Decepticons. We are enemies no longer since we encountered eachother on this world. Of course, some battles still go on but they are more akin to harmless frolics than mortal combat.


“Good day, Sideways. How is Bay sector doing ?” Magnus asks.

“Excellent, Magnus. Our defense systems are in place and we are ready for anything!”

 “Oh yeah? Would you mind telling us why we can’t notice this threat?” reacts Blurr with much restraint..“   Simple. Your tech is hopelessly outdated! Granted, not as outdated as Bacal sector but still very much antiquated. Here is an update module. Run it and you will be able to see!” 

“Thank you Sideways! Blurr, quickly install this!” Magnus orders and then turns again to Sideways “Have you given the same update to other sectors?” Sideways relies: “Only the ones who accepted it, Forward sector is way too primitive. They just don’t seem to understand!”


Suddenly the orange glow that surrounds the planet darkens.


Magnus shows no sign of panic: “What happened to the light? Quick, check the other sectors!” Jazz reports partial darkness in Bay sector! Bacal sector says no change and Forward sector wonders what the panic is all about and if we are all crazy.” Rodimus replies.


Finally Prowl provides some detail.”MAGNUS! Whatever it is, it’s coming closer to the planet ! I suspect 50 clicks until planetfall ! “


“Battlestations everyone!”




To be Spotlight Primus starting 2012