Machine Robo Rescue

Released by: Sunrise/TV Tokyo
Release: 2003-2004
Length: 53 episodes

Synopsis:  In the future, age is not a factor in determining whether an individual can perform a certain task, only special talent and training. The Machine Robo Rescue (MRR) organization has been established so that robots and children can become partners and rescue people from danger. Twelve children with various abilities have been selected and introduced as part of the Robo Rescue program. Life as one of the children chosen as part of the MRR has just started for Taiyou Oozora. Difficult training lies ahead for the MRR team in order for them to protect many people's lives.

Comments:  This was a new iteration of the Machine Robo concept released back in 2003 to accompany a new toyline where there was a primary robot accompanied by drones that could merge with it to become a bigger robot (think the Gestalt concept from Transformers). Each primary robot had similar robots--Jet robo had fighter drone limbs, Fire robo had rescue vehicle limbs, etc. Some of the robots were new versions of older ones (Jet, Drill, etc.) but this concept was totally unrelated to the Machine Robo of the 80s, which was set on an alien world and had a totally different story.
   The animation is fairly good. The robots are done in cgi while the humans and most of the backgrounds are in traditional cel animation. This is similar to how stuff like Energon was done and was common at the time this show was produced. The voice acting is competent although I wouldn't call it especially memorable.
   The story seems aimed at a younger audience. Each episode follows a similar premise (an evil robot attacks the public. A team of the MRR is sent out to deal with it). There is a small thread throughout each episode with an evil scientist kid who is using the varied evil robots to test the MRR for some unknown reasons. It's a not a terrible series by any means but neither is it a must-see epic either. At best, it's a time filler if you love robots and have nothing better to do then to watch it.
   I downloaded several episodes of the show from the internet. Each episode was subtitled in Japanese. As far as I can tell, the show has never been released in North America or dubbed in English.

Technical Details:

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Transformers Relevance:

-   A modern revival of the Machine Robo concept (which itself was a competitor to the Transformers line).