TOP 10 TF Gimmicks for 2006 (as overheard at Botcon 05)

10) Cocoa puff Transformers (yum!)
9) Footmasters! (The vehicles transform and so do their feet...)
8) Beast Wars 10th anniversary toys with real (er, synthetic) fur
7) Stairmasters (little sets for your toys to get their exercise)
6) Replacing plastic/diecast Transformers with all glass ones
5) Toastmasters (for cooking your breakfast)
4) Full scale car mode Alternators (oh, wait a minute...)
3) A whole line of just Optimus Prime and Starscream toys
2) Alternator toys that are real life power tool replicas
1) Maxicons (a new life-sized toy class of TFs)

By Tony “Thunder” Klepack