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By Matt "Talon" Kirby


                What is Evil?

                For many years (far too many by the opinion of most) the Autobots have referred to us Decepticons as "Evil".  To them we are "the dastardly Decepticons", "the power-hungry Decepticons", and the "malevolent destroyers"; we are immediately accused of being "liars", "cheaters", and even "murderers". But it this name-calling really appropriate?  Can the Autobots really be permitted to apply these labels to us, so indiscriminately?  If that is indeed the case, then they must also apply those same labels to themselves because I claim that the Autobots are every bit as guilty of being evil as they claim we Decepticons to be.

                What is, or are, the Autobots' accepted criteria for them to label someone else as being an Evil being?

                Is it the accidental or deliberate destruction of a small building or the total destruction of an entire civilization? If so, then the Autobots are also guilty. They have been trying for four million years to destroy our glorious civilization. What about their unprovoked attack upon, and the resulting destruction of the governor's fortress of Darkmount in the province of Polyhex? Or Rodimus Prime's deliberate destruction of the planet of Paradon?

                Is Evil the killing of life? Sentient or non-sentient? Must a lifeform be sentient for killing it to be a crime? Yes, I will admit that we Decepticons have killed sentient and non-sentient lifeforms over the years. But mainly in battle. As commander Bludgeon explained: "We are a warrior race, after all, and battle is in our fuel. It is instinct. Why fight it?" The Autobots have taken the lives of countless Decepticons and many of our allies in battle, and in peace. If our hands are stained with the blood of the slain then theirs are just as red (or green or blue or purple).

                And then there are their human allies? That childish race has been slaughtering millions of its own kind for millennia. Not all in battle either, but many through murder, some officially condoned (in duels), others not. We kill in battle, not because we want an excuse to use our weaponry. And the Autobots claim that they are protecting the defenseless race from us? I beg to differ. The fleshlings are deadlier than we are. The sole difference is that our technology is more advanced.

                And what about the charges of "genocide"? It has never been official Decepticon policy to attempt the total annihilation of any race. We believe in making other races useful to the Empire. Slaves are far more valuable to us than corpses. Again, the Autobots are guilty of the same crime; they have been attempting to kill off our race for years. Ant their human allies are just as guilty, killing off their own species!

                And what of treaty violations? The Autobots claim to be honest and fair creatures, yet did not Optimus Prime violate the Treaty of Neutrality and seek out High Circuitmaster Boltax? That was a crime which resulted in the destruction of Boltax's citadel and the loss of the Underbase. Yet how did Autobot High Command punish him? They promoted him to captain! Is this the action of an honest and fair race?

                Moving along, is thievery Evil? There again the Autobots are guilty. They stole valuable information upon the "Mechanics of Transformer Combination" from us. They stole other data from us as well, such as the "Theories of Inter-dimensional Travel", written by Spanner, whom was working under our control.

                The fleshlings believe that it is Evil to lie and gossip. And many of the Autobots lie and spread gossip and rumors. Look at all the stories they spread about our "Evilness" when we are not within earshot. Everything they tell is biased by their own weak moral code of ethics.

                The Autobots often claim that we are evil monsters with no emotions. That is not so. We have our loves, our hates, our joys and our pleasures. Of course, there are those of us who are emotionless, but they are the exception. And if emotions, such as hatred, are the basis of Evil, then the Autobots also have their evil embers, such as Bluestreak, who are coloured by hatred.

                The Autobots claim that they "are protecting the rights and freedoms of all sentient beings" by battling us. If so, then are they not violating our rights? We are free and sentient beings. Therefore we have the right to do anything we desire. Such as fulfilling our destiny as the rulers of the galaxy! We have our own honour codes and our own rules. We do not claim one thing and then do something else entirely. The Autobots often claim that they are forced to fight. This is not so; we have never forced them to fight. (Actually, we would much rather not have them fight us. It would make our lives easier.) They merely use it as an excuse to unleash their own destructive natures.

                I think that this subject of name-calling should be decided by a better criteria, not just by the colour or shape of one's insignia.